‘Prime Minister Confirms Vietnam’s Commitment to Protective Women’s and Children’s Rights’

“For Vietnam, the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages especially as they relate to women and children… Vietnam has much to share and I am hoping that they continue to focus on the rights of women and children,” said Rad Kivette - CEO of VinaCapital Foundation, in an interview with VietnamTimes.


The 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly was held in New York, the USA, on October 11. During this session, 14 countries, including Vietnam, were elected as members of the United Nations Human Rights Council for the 2023-2025 tenure.

'I am Sure Vietnam will Continue to Share Values Relating to the Rights of Women and Children'

Rad Kivette – CEO of VinaCapital Foundation (Photo: VinaCapital Foundation)

1. How do you assess Vietnam’s successful election?

I am proud that Vietnam has been elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council for the second time in eight years. This demonstrates the understanding and appreciation of Vietnam’s commitment to human rights and its ability to lead on the world stage.

2. What should Vietnam focus on to perform its role well in the Council?

Vietnam should focus on promoting respect for human rights and freedoms, addressing human rights violations in member states, and making recommendations to mitigate these breaches. I hope Vietnam uses its influence to promote the human rights agenda, particularly in relation to women and children’s rights.

3. What advantages and disadvantages does Vietnam have in protecting human rights, especially for women and children?

Vietnam has historical advantages in the empowerment of women and a homogeneous population, which contributes to a strong national identity. However, a disadvantage is the diverse ethnic groups within the population. The government has specific laws and programs in place to protect and improve the lives of these ethnic groups.

4. How do you assess Vietnam’s efforts in protecting the rights of women and children in recent years?

I am positive about Vietnam’s performance in protecting the rights of women and children. The government has shown commitment and vision in preserving peace, protecting and increasing the rights of women and creating equal opportunities for all citizens.

5. What do you expect Vietnam to contribute as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council in the coming term?

I expect Vietnam to contribute knowledge, respect, and balanced leadership. Vietnam’s principles of mutual respect, dialogue, and cooperation will be valuable to the council and the world. Vietnam’s experience in preserving peace and its understanding of national historical cultural mores will shape the future human rights debate.

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Established in 2006, VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) is a non-profit organization licensed in the US and operating in Vietnam. VCF works to empower women and children through health and education activities.