Tim Pile, a lifestyle and travel journalist of SCMP, wrote an article stating that Hoi An is a picturesque city located on the central coast of Vietnam. With its blend of wooden Chinese shophouses, French colonial buildings, ornate temples, and the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge, the Old Town was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999.

Pile mentioned that Hoi An, once a bustling trading port in Southeast Asia, now attracts a large number of tourists who come to explore the city and have custom clothing made at a fraction of the cost back home. In the evening, the Old Town is illuminated by lanterns, creating a magical atmosphere that captivates visitors. Lantern-making workshops have also become a popular activity among tourists.

The article suggests that instead of staying in the city center, many travelers prefer to have a beachside accommodation. An Bang Beach, just three kilometers away from the Old Town, is renowned for its white sands and sparkling blue waters, and has been included in CNN’s list of the 100 Best Beaches in the World.

Furthermore, the journalist recommends renting a bike to explore the scenic route between Hoi An city and An Bang Beach.

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil takes the top spot on the list. This famous beach is known for its stunning scenery and trendy sunbathers. The beach is also a popular spot for volleyball players to showcase their skills, reminiscent of the athletes who competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The article also mentions other beautiful destinations around the world, including Mumbai in India, Brighton in the UK, Barcelona in Spain, Sydney in Australia, Miami in the United States, Sanya in China, and Athens in Greece.