Based on over 232 million verified traveller reviews, on February 16, digital travel platform announced the winners of its 10th annual Traveller Review Awards, including the "10 most hospitable cities on Earth 2022" Award.

On the banks of Hoai River (Photo: Duy Hau)

Vietnam’s ancient town of Hoi An won the hearts of tourists from all over the world with the charming beauty of the famous old town, recognised by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage; the authentic idyllic pace of life; the romantic beaches; and the quintessence of many cultures that have been present in Hoi An Town since ancient times contributing to a diverse range of local cuisine.

All these attractions have helped Hoi An join the list of “10 most welcoming cities on Earth 2022”.

From iconic architectural wonders to unspoiled natural beauty, says, “10 most welcoming cities on Earth 2022” spans continents and offers travellers a multitude of memorable travel experiences. In addition to Vietnam’s Hoi An, the world’s welcoming cities in 2022 include: Matera (Italy), Bled (Slovenia), Taitung City (Taiwan, China), Nafplio (Greece), Toledo (Spain), Monte Verde (Brazil), Bruges (Belgium), Nusa Lembongan (Bali, Indonesia), Ponta Delgada (Azores, Portugal).

Hoi An shimmering at night (Photo: Duy Hau)

The ranking is one part of’s 10th annual Traveller Review Awards, an honour given out to 1,261,273 accommodations, car rental companies, and pre-booked taxi providers across 220 countries and territories, including 8,405 in Vietnam.

Colourful Hoai River at night. (Photo: Duy Hau) wrote that Hoi An sits on the central coast of Vietnam and has miles of beautiful white sandy beaches nearby, as well as a bustling and thriving old town. Chinese and French influences can be seen throughout the city, which all blends together seamlessly into the diverse local food scene.

Quiet space of Hoi An Town (Photo: Duy Hau)

A green garden cafe in Hoi An (Photo: Duy Hau)

According to, "To get a real taste of Hoi An and authentic village life, travellers can take a guided cycling tour to visit local artisans and learn about their craft, from throwing pottery and making traditional reed mats to noodle making and wood carving. After a day of exploring, travellers can settle in for some stylish pampering at the Anio Boutique Hotel, complete with floating cocktails and nibbles in the property’s elegant courtyard swimming pool."