Hockey Becoming Popular among Girls in Kashmir

Hockey is becoming the new attraction for Kashmiri girls with its rising popularity. The girls are becoming passionate about the sport and it is also leading to empowerment of women in the valley.

Hockey Becoming Popular among Girls in Kashmir

Sports provide the girls with an opportunity to showcase their talent and make a bright future. Also, the girls are showing keen interest in participating in all types of sports.

The Jammu and Kashmir Sports Council and Kashmir Hockey Association are organising a number of hockey tournaments in the valley and the girls are also participating in them with full spirits.

The girls in the valley are showing great performance in all types of games including water sports, basketball, martial art, football, rugby and hockey as well. As a result of this, the government too is trying to provide them with all types of facilities and is organising a series of tournaments.

Hockey Becoming Popular among Girls in Kashmir

The Organizer and President of Kashmir Hockey Academy told ANI that games are being organised at night so that the youth stays away from drugs and remains busy playing sports which will be beneficial for them.

“We are preparing for the games at night. Our main aim is to keep the youth engaged. The night is the time when people go towards drugs, that’s why we have laid focus on keeping games at night. We hope that the National Sports of the country bring the youth back from drugs. Turfs are being laid for the hockey games, and preparations are being done for other games too. We will soon inaugurate the night facility for cricket matches,” she said.

“It’s really good that games are being organised at night. We are very excited about the hockey and football games. Having games at night helps everyone to take part in them actively because we all are busy at day with school and other work, now we can participate at night. I wish that someone from Kashmir represents India on the world stage,” a hockey player told ANI.

A hockey player wished that more such tournaments are conducted, “I have also come here for the first time, and it was a great experience, I really enjoyed it. There is a lot of hidden talent in Kashmir. Having such a tournament will inspire more girls in taking up the sports. We wish that more such tournaments are conducted here.”

“It was my first experience. This is the first time such a tournament has been organised here. It is very good as when we were younger, there weren’t so many opportunities. But now the younger people will get more opportunities to go ahead,” another hockey player said.

Hockey Becoming Popular among Girls in Kashmir

Sports is helping the girls in maintaining their fitness as well as reducing any kind of anxiety. Sports are also considered one of the best mediums to keep the youth away from illegal activities including drugs.

It is expected that the government will keep on providing the girls with more facilities and infrastructure, which will help the Kashmiri girls to better their performance and get ready to compete at the national level. (ANI)