H’mong Spring Festival Captivates International Travelers

Springtime in Lao Cai sparks enthusiasm among international travelers as they eagerly delve into the captivating customs of the H'Mong people.


Gau Tao Festival is organized in Sa Pa and Bac Ha with a variety of captivating activities that showcase the cultural identity of the H’mong ethnic group. These activities include a music and dance program, as well as folk sports competitions such as crossbow shooting, flag running, stick pushing, and tug of war. Additionally, participants can enjoy traditional folk games like swinging, pound throwing, monkey bridge climbing, slippy pole climbing, and blindfolded duck catching. The festival also features a food court showcasing the delicious traditional dishes of the H’mong people.

The festival draws in local people, Vietnamese citizens, and international tourists, all of whom are eager to immerse themselves in this unique cultural event.

Locals and tourists are excited to participate in the slippy pole climbing competition. Photo: Lao Cai Newspaper
Foreign tourists admire the H’mong swing. Photo: Lao Cai Newspaper
A large number of foreign tourists attended the Tau Gao festival in Bac Ha district. Photo: Bac Ha Review
A stick-pushing competition between a local and a foreign tourist at the Gau Tao Festival in Bac Ha district. Photo: Bac Ha Review
Amy Mai Nguyen