Wandering in Hanoi in the twilight to catch one of the best moments of the millennium-year-old city is among the most favorite things to do for both the locals and foreign visitors. The Hanoi Times would like to introduce the best places to contemplate the view with the fullest enjoyment.

The West Lake

The sunset on the West Lake. Photo: Trung Hieu

West Lake is regarded as the most beautiful place during the sunset by many people. Covering about 500 hectares of the water surface, the largest natural lake of Hanoi provides many corners around it to enjoy the huge orange sun gradually going down every late afternoon, dyeing the lake with its sparkling golden light.

The sky “wears” different clothes whose colors change by the minute, sometimes red and other times pink or multi-color, making the lake so romantic with the silhouettes of young couples pedaling swan boats on the lake. They usually come here to gaze at this fascinating and peaceful sight hand in hand, adding a glamorous image of the city.

Historical Long Bien Bridge

The sunset on Long Bien Bridge. Photo: Vu Quan

When the last light of the day shines on the old rusty bridge, it emboldens the ancientness of the bridge on the Red River. The flow of people and vehicles traveling back and forth on the bridge typifies the hasty rhythm of Hanoi. However, it is also the moment to ignore honking around and immerse yourself in the splendid sundown. The over-a-century-year-old bridge is not only a special French architectural work and a witness of history but also one of Hanoi’s most favorite themes for photographic creations.  

Iconic Hoan Kiem Lake

The Hoan Kiem Lake in an autumn afternoon. Photo: Chu Anh Tuan

Located in the city center, it is obviously the best venue for watching the sunset in the capital city. Smaller than West Lake and surrounded by colonial houses and buildings, it is different for the sunset here when the light goes through the gap between houses to reflect on the lake. The light is even more magical when it passes through the canopy of many enormous ancient trees around the lake.

Moreover, in the late afternoon, there are many people jogging and doing exercise and children walked with their parents around the lake. It adds the peace and vitality of the Hanoi to the lake’s sunset image.

The foot of Vinh Tuy Bridge

Admiring the sunset on the foot of Vinh Tuy Bridge, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi. Photo: Travelmag.vn  

At about 20 minute drive from the center of Hanoi, the foot of Vinh Tuy Bridge is a new point to watch the sunset on hot summer days. Thanks to the large area of green grass and cool breeze from Red River, in recent years, it has become an ideal site for families and friends to go camping, make BBQ parties, and enjoy the nice sunset together.

Away from the noisy streets, it is a fresh place to escape and forget the stresses of busy work and life.

Rooftop cafes

The overview of Hoan Kiem Lake from Avalon Food Garden in Hanoi

Enjoying coffee has long been an indispensable hobby of the Hanoians, becoming a special culture with hundreds of cafes everywhere. What could be better than sitting in a coffee shop, sipping your favorite drink, and gazing at the blazing sunset and the surroundings?

Rooftop cafes are the best choice for many people for this relaxing time, especially on weekends. These cafes are usually located on the top of a building in the center or by lakes for the best view. Among them, some most popular ones are Avalon Food Garden, Skyline Hanoi, Eden Coffee, and Serein Cafe in Hoan Kiem District, Pan Pacific Hanoi’s Summit Lounge, 6 Degrees in Tay Ho District, and Top of Hanoi Restaurant, Lotte Hotel Hanoi in Ba Dinh District.