Hanoi’s Beautiful Multiflora Roses Garden

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the flower garden located 10 kilometres away from the heart of Hanoi. Nestled within Tam Hiep commune in Thanh Tri district, the mesmerising botanical park is the perfect destination for groups of friends and families seeking a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.


Multiflora rose, also known as Rosa polyantha or Rosa multiflora, is native to East Asia. The multiflora roses bloom from mid-June to early September, making it the ideal time to witness their beauty. In Hanoi, the blooming period lasts from 1.5 to 3 months.

Picturesque Multiflora Roses Garden in Hanoi
Multiflora roses have tiny petals that form brilliant flower bunches. Source: Nguoi Ha Noi

Multiflora roses grow in large clusters and face upwards. These ancient roses come in various colors such as red, purple, yellow, but the most popular shade is dark pink.

In recent days, the multiflora rose garden at Eden Park has become a trending destination on social media, attracting many young people to visit. The park is approximately 30 minutes away from the city center.

Picturesque Multiflora Roses Garden in Hanoi
The garden is as beautiful as a fairyland. Source: Nguoi Ha Noi

“The number of tourists visiting the area tends to increase sharply when the flowers are in full bloom, with the park receiving hundreds of visitors each day,” shared Dao Ba Ha, the owner of the flower garden.

At the botanical park, a 200-meter road is covered with around 100 multiflora rose bushes. This is the peak bloom period, attracting a large number of tourists for picture-taking and visits.

Picturesque Multiflora Roses Garden in Hanoi
Source: Nguoi Ha Noi

“I was attracted by the brilliant beauty of this multiflora rose garden when I saw it on Facebook. Therefore, I decided to visit and take pictures today,” said Ngo Mai Linh, a visitor.

Not only loved by many young people, but this flower garden also catches the eye of many photographers.

Picturesque Multiflora Roses Garden in Hanoi
Source: Nguoi Ha Noi

There are various services available at the garden, such as costume rentals, photography props, and bicycles, with prices ranging from VND 20,000 (US$ 0.85) to VND 50,000 (US$ 2.12).

Phuong Nguyen