Hanoi to Exhibit Iconic Pucará Bull of the Peruvian Highlands

The Embassy of Peru in Vietnam is presenting an exciting opportunity to the public of Vietnam, showcasing the marvellous artwork of Peruvian artisans that will be featured in the upcoming exhibition, "Pucará Bull".


The “Pucará Bulls” exhibition at the Art and Culture Centre in Hanoi offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the rich cultural tradition of traditional Peruvian pottery. These intricate artworks showcase the unique expression, colors, and patterns of the Pucará Bulls, representing a renowned art form from the Andean highlands of Peru.

The Pucará Bull is a symbol of prosperity, happiness, and peace in Peru. It is an old tradition in the town of Pucará to place a pair of ceramic bulls on rooftops to protect the family living there. The exhibition showcases 19 meticulously crafted ceramic artworks that exhibit distinctive designs, decorations, and a high aesthetic value, reflecting the immense creativity and exceptional skills of Peruvian ceramic artists.

Exhibition “Pucará Bull: Ambassador of the Peruvian Highlands” to be Displayed in Hanoi
The Pucará Bull is a cultural and ancestral expression of the Puno region, as well as one of the most popular art pieces in Peruvian craftwork.

According to the Andean worldview, the Pucará bull figure is seen as a symbol of strength, peace, abundance, and prosperity, as well as a symbol of the identity of southern Peru.

Pucará Bull - Ambassador of the Peruvian Highlands to be Displayed in Hanoi
This cultural event is part of a larger initiative by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru, in collaboration with the Municipality of the “Leal Villa de Pucará” and ten associations of Pucará artisans. These associations consist of more than 500 ceramic artisans who diligently preserve and nurture the ancient pottery tradition.

Since 2022, this exhibition has been traveling to various countries around the world and has been showcased in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. After Vietnam, the Pucará bull collection will continue its journey to India.

Hannah Nguyen