Hanoi Encourages Developing of Tourism Connections to Generate Innovative Offerings

The city of Hanoi is set to launch new tourist itineraries to diversify their tourism products, allowing visitors to explore beyond the city's limits.


Hanoi is looking to expand its tourism links with provinces in the country such as Binh Dinh, Bac Giang, and Son La, according to officials. This move is set to further boost the tourism industry in the Vietnamese capital, and create more opportunities for travelers to explore the nation’s diverse culture and attractions.

 A corner of Hanoi. Photo: Cao Anh Tuan

A series of tourism conferences were held between Hanoi and other localities at the Vietnam International Travel Mart (VITM) 2023 in Hanoi from April 13-16 to discuss measures for effective connections. Attendees discussed the importance of promoting the tourism industry, as well as the need to introduce attractive tourism products that meet the demands of domestic and foreign tourists. They also discussed strategies and policies to support the sustainable development of the tourism sector. Various activities were held during the event, such as forums, presentations, and business networking sessions. The event provided a platform for stakeholders in the tourism industry to exchange ideas and experiences, and explore potential business opportunities. The conferences were a success, and the attendees left with a greater understanding of the importance of effective connections in the tourism sector.

Enhance the Cultural Tourism Experience in Hanoi, Bac Giang, and Son La

Experience the unique cultures of Hanoi, Bac Giang, and Son La with a range of exciting activities that will help you to explore and appreciate the region’s heritage. From discovering historical landmarks to visiting local markets and traditional villages, there is something for everyone. Enjoy art and craft demonstrations, cultural performances, and traditional cuisine. With its vibrant culture, friendly people, and spectacular landscapes, this part of Vietnam is an unforgettable destination for any traveler. Make the most of your visit and enhance your cultural tourism experience in Hanoi, Bac Giang, and Son La.

With the advantage of its geographical location, just 60 km from Hanoi, Bac Giang boasts a well-invested transport infrastructure that facilitates travel between Hanoi and Bac Giang, according to Truong Quang Hai, the Director of Bac Giang’s Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

“The locality is renowned for its extensive historical and cultural relics, with over 900 being nationally and regionally recognized as significant monuments. This is a wealth of opportunity for tourism, yet it has not been fully capitalized on in recent years,” he remarked.

 The iconic The Huc Bridge in Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi. Photo: Yeu Ha Noi Community

“It is essential to undertake extensive fieldwork and surveys to develop comprehensive cultural tourism products that are tailored to each target audience,” he added.

Sharing the same view, Phung Quang Thang, Chairman of the Hanoi Travel Association and Deputy Director of SGO Travel Co. Ltd, said that tourist routes between Hanoi and Bac Giang can provide visitors with the best cultural and spiritual knowledge through direct experiences, such as hearing, seeing, and interacting. By taking such a route, travelers can fully immerse themselves in the culture and absorb the incredible stories and histories of the places they visit. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to explore the unique customs and traditions of the local people, which will be a truly memorable experience.

“For example, travelers can explore the exciting culture, history, and spiritual beliefs of Vietnam through the seven new tours launched between the two places,” he said.

“In particular, the one-day excursion titled ‘Hanoi – Western Yen Tu: Following in the Footsteps of Emperor Buddha’ was an attraction to many domestic and foreign travelers during the last Lunar New Year,” he added.

The tour takes visitors on an emotionally charged historical journey along the “Dharma Preaching Path” of King Tran Nhan Tong and his disciples more than 700 years ago. It is considered a major pilgrimage route to the holy land of Truc Lam Buddhism in Vietnam, providing an enriching experience for those who embark on it.

The ancient Vinh Nghiem Pagoda in Tri Yen Commune of Yen Dung District, Bac Giang Province. Photo: Vinh Nghiem Co Tu

The Thang Long Imperial Citadel is the starting point of a tour that takes visitors through both historical and spiritual sites. After visiting the Citadel, the tour passes by Vinh Nghiem Pagoda, where Emperor Tran Nhan Tong preached the Dharma. The final destination is the sacred peak of the western mountain of the Yen Tu Range.

Especially at Vinh Nghiem Pagoda, where more than 3,050 woodblock prints of the Nguyen Dynasty are preserved, visitors will have the unique opportunity to gain insight into the moc ban or woodblock technique which has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Documentary Heritage.

By joining this tour, travelers can enjoy the unique experience of “feeling like royalty for a day” as they create their own one-of-a-kind woodblock prints to take home and cherish forever.

The tour starts with a full day tour to Luc Ngan, a small town located in the north-eastern province of Bac Giang. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit some of the local attractions such as the ancient pagoda, the red clay pottery village, and the traditional market. The highlight of the tour is a visit to the beautiful Luc Ngan lake. Here, visitors can take a boat ride and enjoy the stunning scenery of the lake and its surrounding mountains. After that, visitors will be taken to a local restaurant for lunch and then to a homestay for the night. On the second day of the tour, visitors will visit the beautiful villages of Ha Dong and Hoan Kiem, where they can explore the rural life and traditional customs of the local villagers. At the end of the tour, visitors will enjoy a traditional Vietnamese lunch before returning to Hanoi.

Another interesting tour that may attract travelers from Hanoi this summer is the excursion titled “Hanoi – Luc Ngan”. This full-day tour will take visitors to the north-eastern province of Bac Giang, home to the small town of Luc Ngan. Here, travelers will have the opportunity to explore various attractions, such as the ancient pagoda, the red clay pottery village, and the traditional market. The highlight of the tour is a visit to the stunning Luc Ngan lake, where travelers can take a boat ride and marvel at the scenic views of the lake and its surrounding mountains. After that, visitors will be taken to a local restaurant for lunch and then to a homestay for the night.

On the second day of the tour, travelers will visit the picturesque villages of Ha Dong and Hoan Kiem, where they can immerse themselves in the rural life and traditional customs of the local villagers. At the end of the tour, visitors will enjoy a traditional Vietnamese lunch before returning to Hanoi.

Travelers can explore a variety of gardens boasting seasonal local specialties, like lychees, oranges, and grapefruit; learn the art of making Chu noodles; take in the stunning natural scenery; or go canoeing at popular attractions like Khuon Than Lake, Bau Lay Lake, or Cam Son Lake, and enjoy other exciting travel experiences.

Meanwhile, Hoang Tri Thuc, Chairman of the Son La Tourism Association, said that the tourism products of Son La are already focusing on harnessing cultural and natural values. “And the stronger cooperation between travel companies in Hanoi and the locality will bring sustainable growth to Son La tourism,” he added.

There will be more new travel routes between Hanoi and Son La Province in the coming period, particularly the “Hanoi – Moc Chau Plateau” tour, which will be expanded to connect with tourist destinations in Laos. This will enrich the cultural experience for visitors, according to Phung Quang Thang.

 The lush green tea hills on Moc Chau Plateau, Son La Province. Photo: Bong Hong

Two-way traveler exchange between the provinces of Binh Dinh and Hanoi has been officially launched, allowing citizens from both provinces to travel in either direction. The program is expected to boost tourism, as well as promote economic and cultural exchange between the two regions.

The program was launched on Thursday by the Binh Dinh Tourism Department in collaboration with the Hanoi Tourism Department. Tourists traveling from Binh Dinh to Hanoi will be able to take advantage of discounted hotel rates and other attractions.

The program will also offer travelers from Binh Dinh a range of cultural activities and experiences, including traditional Vietnamese music and dance performances. In addition, citizens of Binh Dinh will have the chance to experience authentic Hanoian cuisine and explore the city’s iconic landmarks.

The two-way traveler exchange program between Binh Dinh and Hanoi is expected to bring many benefits to both provinces, including increased tourism, economic development, and cultural exchange. It is hoped that the program will help to foster a closer relationship between the two provinces and create a more vibrant and harmonious atmosphere.

Binh Dinh, home to stunning world-renowned beaches and numerous direct flights to Hanoi, is a must-visit destination for all travelers. Boasting beautiful coastline views and a range of exciting activities, this Vietnamese province is sure to delight visitors of all ages. With dozens of direct flights to Hanoi, Binh Dinh is easily accessible for travelers looking to explore its picturesque beaches and vibrant culture. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, an adventurous holiday, or simply some time to relax and unwind, this stunning province is sure to provide the perfect escape. So, why not add Binh Dinh to your travel itinerary and experience the beauty of this enchanting destination for yourself?

According to Tran Van Thanh, Director of the Binh Dinh Tourism Department, the province’s tourism year will feature a total of 16 exciting events, such as the opening ceremony of the 2023 Binh Dinh Tourism Festival themed “Quy Nhon: Colorful Beach Tourism Paradise”, the “Hot Air Balloon Festival 2023”, and the “Binh Dinh First Gift and Tourism Fair”. These events are sure to provide an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

In addition, this south-central coastal province has a prime location, accessible from the north to the south of the country by all three modes of transportation: road, rail, and air. There are now more than 10 daily flights between Hanoi and Binh Dinh Province.

This locality has several advantages, but for it to capitalize on its natural beauty effectively, Thanh suggested that it should coordinate with Hanoi in exchanging information and diversifying its tourism products. Doing so would allow it to take full advantage of its natural beauty.

The gorgeous crystal jade beach of Quy Nhon City in Binh Dinh Province. Photo: Du lich Quy Nhon

The tourism association helps promote the potential and strengths of each locality. For instance, tourism policymakers from Hanoi and Binh Dinh can share experiences and collaborate to overcome the challenging period after the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said. Furthermore, tourist attractions should exist between Hanoi and Binh Dinh as a ‘two-way exchange of travelers’ in tourism which could help reduce airfares and lower tour prices.

Dang Huong Giang, Director of the Hanoi Tourism Department, has urged the two localities to collaborate in order to create unique tourism products and to attract investments in tourism.

“The survey is designed to create a touristic route linking Hanoi with Binh Dinh, and Hanoi to its neighboring localities, which should be encouraged in the foreseeable future,” Giang proposed.