Hanoi and Ile-de-France Region Strengthen Collaboration in Clean Water Provision

Hanoi and the Ile-de-France region established their partnership in 1989 and collaborated on numerous programs and projects across various sectors. These initiatives have played a crucial role in fostering the socio-economic growth of the Vietnamese capital city.


Hanoi and Ile-de-France are looking to strengthen their relationship in environment and urban management, particularly in water supply. This was discussed in a meeting on January 30 in Hanoi, as reported by Hanoi Times.

During the meeting with Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, Duong Duc Tuan, Christian Cambon, a Senator from Val-de-Marne (Ile-de-France) and member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Armed Forces, shared the experiences of France and the Ile-de-France region in providing clean water supplies.

A photo taken during the meeting is shown below:

Christian Cambon expressed his desire to enhance cooperation with Hanoi in this sector, given that Hanoi is not only a metropolis in Vietnam but also in the Southeast Asia region. He mentioned that global cities have been striving to improve their water supply systems to address climate change issues. The International Water Suppliers Club is also willing to work with Hanoi to address existing and potential problems.

Vice Chairman Duong Duc Tuan of Hanoi expressed his satisfaction in seeing an enhanced relationship with the north-central French region. He highlighted that the two sides have expanded their cooperation in various sectors such as urban management, public transport, environment, heritage conservation, and tourism. The signing of the action plan for 2022-2025 marks a new stage in which Hanoi and Ile-de-France further strengthen their decentralized relations. There is a willingness from both governments to cooperate in areas such as environment and sustainability, urban planning, economic growth, and research and development. Tuan emphasized that further cooperation in the water sector will meet the needs of both sides and deepen their decentralized relations.

Hanoi hopes to explore new opportunities and solutions in clean water supplies and water management through partnerships with the Ile-de-France region and the International Water Suppliers Club. Clean water supply is one of Hanoi’s priorities in sustainable city development. Vice Chairman Tuan also tasked the departments of Construction and Foreign Affairs, as well as the Hanoi Water Ltd Co, to provide advice to the municipal government regarding the opportunity to join the International Water Suppliers Club.

This information was provided by Hannah Nguyen.