Visitors can immerse themselves in Vietnamese culture through the captivating performances by the Ha Long Traditional Arts Theater. Set in an intimate venue, the theater showcases traditional Vietnamese forms of ritual singing, such as chau van, as well as mesmerizing monochord solos and water puppet performances.

Having gained immense popularity since its establishment two years ago, the theater attracts over 1,000 visitors daily, including many foreigners. The theater presents shows at 4.30, 5.30, and 7.30 p.m., each lasting 40 minutes, offering an authentic portrayal of the village life of northern coastal residents. The combination of elaborate sets, Cheo singing, love duets, folk songs, monochord solos, and water puppetry provides foreign visitors with a deeper understanding of the unique characteristics of Vietnamese culture.

Li Jing from China’s Jiangxi province remarked, “The attention to detail in the props, costumes, make-up, sound, lighting, and singing is exceptional. I was particularly captivated by the water puppet show, as it is something I couldn’t fully appreciate from home. Seeing it in person was truly awe-inspiring.”

The Ha Long Traditional Arts Theater boasts a talented ensemble of nearly 40 classically trained actors and musicians. Pham Tien Doan, a young artist, shared his enthusiasm for the audience’s support, saying, “As an artist, I draw inspiration from the audience’s response to the water puppet show. It is my aspiration to share the beauty of traditional Vietnamese art forms with audiences both domestically and internationally.”

Theater Director Duong Van Quy emphasized the company’s commitment to connecting with audiences and delivering exceptional performances. He stated, “Our goal is to preserve and promote traditional Vietnamese art forms. We have incorporated modern theater techniques, traditional music, dance, instruments, and even multilingual elements in Vietnamese, English, and Chinese to ensure visitors can appreciate the content. Over the past year, our performances have received tremendous praise from visitors. We are immensely proud to serve as a bridge, facilitating a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture.”