“The demand for travel that we witnessed last year has continued into 2023,” said Zane Schafer, Vice President and General Manager of OvationNetwork. “In the coming year, people will be seeking a deeper, more immersive connection with off-the-beaten-path destinations.”

OvationNetwork, an American television network, exclusively shared its list with Forbes.

Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts one of the most unique ecosystems and geological formations on the planet. According to Forbes, very few places offer such a combination of natural beauty, abundant outdoor activities, fresh cuisine, serenity, and accessibility.

“Whether you’re a history buff, nature enthusiast, foodie, or adventure seeker, Ha Long Bay has something for everyone,” advises travel advisor Andrew Lewis Harrison. “The unique rock formations composed of limestone karsts and islets only add to the enchantment of this one-of-a-kind destination.”

The article also suggests exploring the area via a junk boat excursion. “Concerned about overcrowding? Book a trip north to Bai Tu Long instead,” it recommends.

Taking the top spot is Sardinia in Italy, drawing travelers with its luxurious Costa Smeralda, pristine beaches, and high-end boutique shops. Visitors can explore coastal villages, savor fine dining, and indulge in authentic local experiences.

In second place is Urla, a tranquil Aegean coastal town just a half-hour drive from Izmir. Urla is renowned for its wineries and vibrant art scene.

Niseko in Japan claims the third spot, offering a superb winter destination outside the usual US or European options. As Japan’s premier ski area, Niseko offers a wide range of activities on and off the slopes.

The list also includes several renowned destinations from around the globe, such as Jeju in the Republic of Korea, Orkhon Valley in Mongolia, Goa in India, Tangalle in Sri Lanka, Oaxaca in Mexico, Comporta in Portugal, and San Sebastián in Spain.