Gulmarg Experiences Record Breaking Year: 1.65 Million Visitors

Gulmarg, the ski resort, continues to draw in visitors with its timeless charm. In a remarkable feat, it has achieved a record-breaking milestone of 1.65 million tourists in 2023. This achievement is a testament to Gulmarg's enduring allure and its status as a top destination for adventure and winter sports enthusiasts. Nestled amidst breathtaking mountain scenery, Gulmarg offers a unique and exhilarating experience for all who visit. Its pristine slopes, world-class facilities, and warm hospitality make it a must-visit destination for ski enthusiasts from around the globe. With this incredible milestone, Gulmarg solidifies its position as a premier ski resort and a beacon of natural beauty.


Gulmarg, a popular destination for winter sports and scenic tranquility, attracted a significant number of visitors in 2023. The influx of tourists highlights Gulmarg’s status as a top-tier destination.

Javeed-ur-Rehman, Assistant Director of Tourism in Gulmarg, reported that the destination received 1.65 million tourist arrivals in 2023, surpassing the previous year’s 1.54 million.

“Gulmarg is a gem among winter tourism destinations, offering skiing, breathtaking views, and warm Kashmiri hospitality,” said Rehman. He anticipates a further increase in tourist footfall.

During the Christmas season, Gulmarg witnessed 10,000 tourists, and an increase in foreign arrivals is expected for winter activities.

Gulmarg is fully prepared for the winter season with its hospitality sector operating at full capacity. Officials encourage visitors to explore the beauty of Kashmir, highlighting the mesmerizing landscapes and warm local hospitality. “Let Gulmarg enchant you, and may our people’s hospitality create lasting memories,” Rehman added.

An official from the tourism department shared details of the tourist influx in 2023. In January, 95,989 tourists visited, including 69,383 domestic tourists, 26,149 locals, and 457 foreigners. In February, there were 92,412 arrivals, in March 119,350, in April 136,096, and in May 154,284.

The peak months were June and July. In June, a total of 208,011 people visited, including 157,720 domestic tourists, 49,945 locals, and 346 foreigners. In July, there were 215,465 arrivals, including 103,207 domestic tourists, 111,519 locals, and 739 foreigners.

In August, 121,941 visitors came, followed by 111,968 in September, 124,757 in October, 123,333 in November, and approximately 146,500 arrivals in December.

Authorities are working together to manage crowds, control traffic, and ensure the welfare of visitors. The Gulmarg Gondola, Asia’s highest cable car, remains a major attraction.

Syed Altaf Hussain, Sub-Divisional Magistrate in Gulmarg, assures visitors of a safe winter experience by ensuring adequate preparations and urging them to stay informed about weather updates and follow safety guidelines.

A control room has been established to promptly respond to potential weather challenges, and people can contact the SDM office in emergencies.

Raja Yaqoob, Director of Tourism, expresses happiness at the preference of foreign tourists for Gulmarg. The winter season is ideal for adventure enthusiasts, offering activities such as skiing, snowboarding, Gondola rides, sleigh rides, snowshoeing, and ice skating. Cultural events and festivals enhance the winter experience, immersing visitors in the rich heritage of Kashmir. (KNO)

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