Go Thap Lotus Field

Visitors are often attracted to the Go Thap area in My Hoa Commune, Thap Muoi District thanks to its aromatic and beautiful lotus ponds and unique specialties of the Dong Thap Muoi region.

Lotus ponds there have a total area of 20ha and are among the most attractive destinations for visitors to Dong Thap. Leaf-roofed huts that can house 15 people are built every 50m to provide places for tourists to rest and relax. These huts are connected by wooden paths. There is a high tower in the middle of the pond. From the top of it one can see spacious rice paddies.

From July, lotus in Go Thap field start blossoming.

Pink lotus flowers show their beauty in the early morning light.

Going to Go Thap lotus field, visitors can learn about the daily life of local residents.

Lotus fruit is collected and sold to traders.

Traders buy lotus receptacles in Go Thap lotus field.

Tourists and locals sail a boat to go fishing in the pond.

Locals instruct visitors on how to pick lotus in the pond.

Visitors are instructed to pick lotus receptacles.

Tourists use wooden paths to explore lotus ponds.

Go Thap lotus field offers a kind of countryside tourism to people.

Fish caught in Go Thap lotus pond are grilled.

Rice with lotus is a local dish in Go Thap field.

Lotus seeds collected from the pond are processed into different dishes.

Visitors enjoy the specialties of the Dong Thap area.

Besides admiring the great beauty and alluring aroma of lotus, tourists can rent Ao dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress), Ao ba ba (traditional silk costumes of south Vietnam women) and Non la (conical leaf hat) to take photos. Tourists can also rent a boat to sail to the middle of the ponds and pick lotus flowers, go fishing or experience a farmers’ life.

Nguyen Hoang Phuong, a resident of Cao Lanh City, is a native of the region but still finds it intriguing to visit the place regularly. It is a safe and peaceful area for his family to enjoy during weekends.

Going to Go Thap lotus field, visitors can learn about the area when talking with farmers who are kind and hospitable. It is also famous for specialties like grilled snakeheads, lotus rice, boiled crabs, grilled chicken, braised cichlids, lotus tea and lotus milk.

By Nguyen Oanh