Explore the Endless Greenery of Sam Chiem Meadow in Bac Kan Province

Sam Chiem meadow is a pastoral dream in Vietnam's remote northeast region.


As a province in the Northeastern region of Vietnam, Bac Kan is renowned for its abundant natural landscapes, including caves, freshwater lakes, and ancient forests. If you are a nature and wilderness enthusiast, Bac Kan is an excellent choice for exploring and visiting Sam Chiem – a stunning and captivating meadow that will leave a lasting impression.

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Sam Chiem meadow may not be well-known to many travelers, but it has become a popular destination for young people and photographers seeking a serene escape.

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Situated in Hiep Luc Commune, Ngan Son District, Bac Kan, Sam Chiem meadow is approximately 30 km away from the city center. The journey to Sam Chiem involves traversing steep slopes and mountainous terrain, following a small trail amidst green grass fields.

The winding road can be challenging to drive through, requiring experienced travelers to navigate the hills and reach the destination. Not only motorbikes, but families with cars can also easily make their way to the meadow and capture stunning Instagram-worthy photos.

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The first impression upon arriving at Sam Chiem is the endless green landscape, with hills, vast grasslands, deep forests, and peacefully grazing cattle, all creating a breathtaking and dreamy natural setting.

Besides the stunning natural beauty, Sam Chiem offers a comfortable average temperature year-round, making it ideal for outdoor activities and exploration.

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Many young people and tourists choose Sam Chiem as a place to check in or spend time camping overnight. The experience of immersing yourself in the vast space of a charming wild meadow, gathering with family and friends, chatting under the starry night sky, and waking up early to watch the sunrise behind the towering mountains is truly unforgettable.

Best Time To Visit Bac Kan

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Bac Kan is a mountainous province with abundant natural resources, including minerals, forests, and scenic mountains, rivers, and lakes. Popular attractions include Ba Be National Park and Ba Be Lake.

Bac Kan shares its borders with Cao Bang Province to the north, Tuyen Quang Province to the west, Lang Son Province to the southeast, and Thai Nguyen Province to the south. The topography is mainly midland and mountainous, with a complex network of rivers and springs.

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The best time to visit Bac Kan is from November to December when the region experiences frequent rain and high temperatures, creating a typical tropical scene. The cold season in North Bac Kan lasts longer, with an average annual temperature of 25°C (about 77°F), providing a favorable and ideal climate for tourism. However, there is a high annual rainfall of about 1,400mm to 1,800mm. It is recommended to avoid visiting in March, April, and August due to drizzling rain and high humidity.

The hot and wet season lasts from April to October, with almost daily rainfall, making it challenging to visit outdoor destinations such as Ba Be National Park or ATK. Transportation to Bac Kan by bus and other vehicles also becomes more difficult due to heavy rain.

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Bac Kan is famous for the Ba Be Lake Spring Festival, which features various rituals and activities such as boat racing, wrestling, dancing, and nem con (con throwing). The festival attracts visitors from around the region.

Bac Kan tourism offers the opportunity to experience community-based homestays, particularly in Ba Be Lake and Ba Be National Park, with popular spots in Pac Ngoi village, Coc Toc village, and Bo Lu.

Charlotte Pho