Four Revolutionary Achievements and VUFO’s Five Objectives for 2024

On January 4th, a conference was organized by the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO) in Hanoi. The purpose of this conference was to review the achievements of 2023 and outline the goals for 2024. The attendees included officials, civil servants, and workers from various sectors. The event aimed to evaluate the performance of VUFO and set the direction for the upcoming year.


During the Conference, VUFO President Phan Anh Son announced four key breakthroughs for the year 2024. These include enhancing work efficiency, implementing innovative foreign affairs activities, improving benefits for officials, civil servants, and workers, and establishing requirements for full-time people-to-people foreign affairs staff.

VUFO President Phan Anh Son delivering a speech at the Conference. (Photo: Dinh Hoa)

In terms of missions for 2024, VUFO plans to undergo digital transformation, establish a “map of people’s movements and social movements worldwide,” revitalize the operations of member associations at both central and local levels, successfully organize the National People-to-people Diplomacy Conference, the 7th National Congress for the 2024-2029 term, and the 5th International Conference on Cooperation between Vietnam and Foreign non-governmental organizations. Additionally, VUFO will focus on further enhancing staff training.

In 2024, VUFO will also inaugurate a memorial house in Diem Mac commune, Dinh Hoa district, Thai Nguyen province to commemorate the 7th National Congress.

Significant Innovations in Various Fields

VUFO Vice President Nguyen Ngoc Hung presented a comprehensive report on VUFO’s activities in 2023 during the Conference. As outlined in the report, the year 2023 witnessed a decline in the global economy and a shift towards a multi-polar, multi-center, and multi-level world order. This challenging international situation significantly impacted people-to-people foreign affairs in Vietnam. However, the VUFO system managed to overcome these obstacles through various improvements, including strengthening its system and personnel, actively contributing to building a comprehensive and modern diplomacy, conducting high-quality activities, research, and advisory work. The role, position, and reputation of people-to-people diplomacy and VUFO have been increasingly consolidated and recognized, receiving high appreciation from the leaders of the Party and State, as well as trust from friends and partners.

VUFO Vice President Nguyen Ngoc Hung presenting a report on VUFO’s work in 2023 and priorities for 2024. (Photo: Dinh Hoa)

VUFO has achieved remarkable accomplishments, including active participation in high-level foreign affairs activities of the Party and State, as well as continuous innovation and enhancement of the effectiveness of bilateral and multilateral people-to-people diplomacy activities.

VUFO has successfully increased connections and support for foreign non-governmental organizations, fostering the relationship between VUFO’s standing agency and various organizations. It has also provided support to ministries and localities in their foreign non-governmental work through information exchange, connection, and assistance.

In terms of external information, VUFO has innovated its website and fanpage by updating content and adopting new communication technologies like infographics, e-magazines, and other digital tools to better engage with readers. Additionally, VUFO established an account and conducted test operations on X (Twitter). Its media products have seen positive improvements in both content and presentation, adhering to the principles of accuracy, timeliness, vividness, and relevance to different target groups.

The quality of advisory and research work has also witnessed ongoing enhancements. VUFO has organized consultations and developed a development strategy for VUFO until 2030, embarked on a state-level research project on the functions and tasks of VUFO, and actively participated in various academic activities such as discussions, thematic reports, and research. Furthermore, it has made significant contributions to important orientations, strategies, and policies concerning foreign affairs and prepared reports advising on the resolution of difficulties and obstacles in Vietnam’s cooperative relations with other countries.

In terms of building and developing its system, VUFO has continued to organize working delegations to localities to promote people-to-people diplomacy activities in general and VUFO’s specific initiatives with various localities. In 2023, 15 local unions and 5 central member organizations held congresses, while new local friendship associations were established. Moreover, VUFO issued and amended four working regulations, strengthened the organizational structure of permanent agencies, and improved staff capacity through information-sharing sessions, discussions, periodic seminars, reports, and training programs.

VUFO President Phan Anh Son presented the Prime Minister’s Certificate of Merit to the Multilateral Affairs Department. (Photo: Dinh Hoa)
During the Conference, the VUFO Presidium recognized the outstanding achievements of departments, units, and individuals who excelled in their work tasks in 2023. This included awarding the Medal “For Peace and Friendship Among Nations” to 7 staff members of the VUFO Permanent Agency for their positive contributions in people-to-people diplomacy. Moreover, certificates of merit were granted to collectives and individuals who achieved the titles of Excellent Labor Collective, Advanced Labor Collective, and Emulation Soldier. Notably, the Multilateral Affairs Department received the Prime Minister’s Certificate of Merit for its outstanding achievements in organizing the 22nd Congress of the World Peace Council in Vietnam.
Thanh Luan