Forums to Spread OV’s Sentiment for Homeland’s Sea and Islands

A Vietnamese in the Netherlands joined the trip to Trung Sa and DK1 rig house in mid-April 2023, which inspired him to establish the Truong Sa Club among Vietnamese in the Netherlands.


The State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cooperates with the People’s Navy to organize an overseas Vietnamese delegation to visit the military and people on the Spratly Islands.

Before the trip, the Vietnamese Ambassador to the Netherlands Pham Viet Anh met the delegation. During the meeting, he said the trip aimed to bring overseas Vietnamese to Truong Sa to see with their own eyes the daily life of the people and soldiers who guard the country’s islands.

He emphasized that the delegates would bring with them a noble mission: showing the expat comminity’s affection for the people and soldiers on remote islands and bringing back their message to the overseas community.

He wished the delegates good health and a safe trip. He hoped the trip would offer opportunities to communicate with people in Truong Sa and have a good time exploring the island so that when they get home, they can tell their experience to the Vietnamese community in the Netherlands and proceed to establish a Truong Sa Club in the Netherlands.

Forums to Spread OV's Sentiment for Homeland's Sea and Islands
The Vietnam Sea and Island Lovers Club in France was established on March 19, 2023.

Nguyen Thi Lan Huong, President of the Vietnam Women’s Union in the Netherlands, and Leu Thi Hien – Vice President of the Vietnamese Association in the Netherlands and a member of the Executive Board of the Women’s Union – are honored to represent overseas Vietnamese in the Netherlands to visit Truong Sa on the coming trip.

Nguyen Thi Lan Huong said she talked with delegates from the previous visit to establish “Truong Sa Club” and would continue to discuss with the Vietnam Women’s Union to exchange about the direction of the Association’s activities in the coming time.

Tang Tuan Tu, President of the Vietnamese Association in the United Kingdom, said that after the trip to the Truong Sa archipelago, the Association will also launch club for people who love Vietnamese islands in the United Kingdom in June 2023 as a part of the European-Vietnamese Liaison Committee “for the Vietnamese sea and islands” and belongs to the Vietnamese Association in the UK.

The Vietnamese Association in the UK regularly organizes fund-raising events and encourages members to participate in communication and charity works toward the homeland’s islands. Thereby, the Association wishes to contribute to helping officers and soldiers who are protecting the country’s sovereignty over the sea and islands day and night.

Despite living far from home, the overseas Vietnamese community looks to the Fatherland and the sea and islands. The Vietnam Sea and Island Lovers Club in France was established on March 19, 2023, to promote the image of the country, and boost the understanding of overseas Vietnamese and international friends in France about Vietnam’s seas and islands.

Truong Sa Club in Germany (founded on April 23, 2017) was originally just an organization of those who had joined trip to the Spratly Islands but then developed into a club of people who love Truong Sa.

These clubs become a forum to help generations of Vietnamese working and living abroad easily learn about the change of their homeland, the situation in the border and islands, and the growth of Navy forces guarding day and night, protecting the sacred sea and islands of the Fatherland.

Valerie Mai