FBS and SUKA Society: Empowering Sabah Students with New Classroom and School Kits

FBS, a global brokerage firm, has joined forces with SUKA Society to improve educational opportunities for children in the Sabah region. By making a financial contribution, FBS has helped renovate a classroom at the Kampung Kipouvo Community Learning Center and provided school stationery kits to young students. This partnership is aimed at creating a brighter future for the children in Sabah.

New Classroom Opening
New Classroom Opening

The joint reconstruction project by FBS and SUKA Society included completely demolishing the deteriorated old classroom building and constructing a more spacious and modern learning area. Despite the challenges from the rapidly approaching rainy season, the work was completed on time. The renovated classroom is now ready to welcome its first students before the monsoons.

On November 12, 2023, FBS and SUKA Society members, along with students, parents, and teachers from the Kampung Kipouvo Community Learning Center, gathered for the grand opening ceremony of the new classroom. Students expressed their excitement as they entered their new learning area. The moment was made even more special by the school gifts provided by FBS. The kits included backpacks, notebooks, pens, and T-shirts, enhancing the overall learning experience for the young learners.

The joyful celebration commenced with the new classroom named after FBS to honor the brand’s contribution to the local community.

FBS’s Official Representative in Malaysia, Aizzat Arfa, commented, “At FBS, we believe in the power of education as the transformative force of development. Our brand has been very excited to engage in this refurbishment project and make a meaningful change for the younger generation in Sabah. This initiative reflects our commitment to social responsibility and positively impacting the local community.” Mr. Aizzat added, “We hope the students of Kampung Kipouvo Community Learning Center will think and dream big, conquering big heights in the future.”

“We are immensely grateful for the generous support from FBS in our mission to provide greater access to education for Indigenous children in remote villages throughout Malaysia. This collaboration has not only enhanced the physical infrastructure of the Kampung Kipouvo Community Learning Center but has also created a more comfortable and conducive space for young learners to thrive in their educational journey. FBS’s commitment to social responsibility is evident in their active involvement in the reconstruction project, and we look forward to continuing this journey together,” said Anderson Selvasegaram, Executive Director, SUKA Society.