Famed Author Bernard Werber Engages with Vietnamese Fanbase

Bernard Werber, a renowned contemporary French writer, captivated the audience in Hanoi on March 16 with his intriguing tales and literary masterpieces. Hailing from France, Werber engaged Vietnamese readers, offering a glimpse into his captivating world of storytelling. Embracing the power of words, he transported his audience on a mesmerizing journey through his works, leaving a lasting impression on all who were fortunate enough to be present.


The event was organized jointly by the French Institute in Hanoi, the National Library of Vietnam, and the Nha Nam Bookstore Culture and Media Joint Stock Company.

During the meeting, Bernard Werber shared that his encounter with safari ants at the age of 20, where he nearly died, became a significant inspiration for his novels.

Writer Bernard Werber during an exchange in Hanoi. Photo: Hanoimoi

“I chose to write about ants because it is often seen as an unconventional topic,” shared Bernard. “By discussing ants, something strange, I am able to captivate readers completely.”

Through the intricate details in his stories, Werber aimed to change our perception of the human world by adopting the perspective of ants. He also sought to provoke contemplation on the human position in life. In reality, we often define ourselves based on others’ judgment.

The renowned French writer also believes that one cannot confine their vision and thoughts within the limits of the brain, but instead should have a broader perspective that transcends time and space.

Bernard Werber’s trilogy about ants was published in Vietnamese.

Bernard Werber also imparted meaningful advice to Vietnamese readers, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and trust their intuition, as “believing in yourself” is the key to success.

Having visited Vietnam for the first time, Bernard Werber expressed that meeting Vietnamese readers has provided him with material for future writing and the creation of new stories.

He will continue to engage with Vietnamese readers in Hue on March 19, Da Nang on March 20, and Ho Chi Minh City on March 21.

Bernard Werber is one of the most renowned contemporary French writers, with a global readership of 15 million books sold.

Highly beloved by readers, especially in Korea, he is the second most popular foreign author after Haruki Murakami.

Werber’s notable works include the Ant series – Ant, Ant Day, and Ant Revolution. This trilogy has propelled Werber’s fame beyond France’s borders.

The Ant series has been translated into more than 30 languages and garnered numerous French awards. It achieved commercial success while capturing the hearts of readers.

The first volume, Ant, won the Science and the Future (Sciences et Avenir) readers’ award. The second book, The Day of the Ant, was released shortly after and received a significant accolade from Elle readers.

Bernard Werber was born in 1961 in Toulouse, France. After earning his degree in Law from Toulouse University and attending the National School of Journalism, he spent over 15 years as a science journalist, collaborating with notable newspapers like Le Point and Ça m’interesse.

Aside from writing novels, Werber is also known for his short stories, comics, plays, and films.

Charlotte Pho