Som Rong pagoda covers an area of 5 hectares surrounded by trees. There are several structures, notably a massive reclining Buddha statue, which mesmerizes visitors with its grandiose beauty.

The pagoda’s entrance is adorned with Khmer symbols like Nagar snakes and Krud divine birds. The path from the entrance to the main pagoda is shaded by perennial trees.

On both sides of the main entrance stand two unicorns protecting the Buddha from evil spirits. The main hall’s walls and ceiling are adorned with frescoes depicting the life of Buddha Shakyamuni. There are also many statues of Buddha Shakyamuni, including two wooden statues made in 1785 when the pagoda was first constructed.

Most Venerable Lam Binh Thanh, Deputy Abbot of the pagoda, said, “The pagoda consists of a main hall, a stupa where the remains of Abbots and prominent Buddhists are kept, and the Sala house, where Buddhist followers worship and gather. The reclining Buddha statue, built in 2018, is Vietnam’s largest. The pagoda yard is filled with abundant trees and beautiful lawns where visitors can enjoy taking photos.”

The pagoda is named after a wild plant that used to grow abundantly in the area. Today, the pagoda only has two Som Rong trees. The original pagoda was made of bamboo and wood with a simple thatched roof. Multiple restorations have made it more spacious.

Som Rong pagoda possesses two mystifying rocks that float on water and never submerge. The two rocks are firmly placed under the Buddha altar in the Sala house. They differ in size but both weigh 4.2 kg.

The surface of the rocks is not smooth but very porous. Venerable Ly Duc, Abbot of Som Rong pagoda, brought the two rocks from Cambodia in 2018.

Another noteworthy structure is the stupa, which is parallel to the main hall. The stupa is painted gray, deviating from the traditional yellow color, giving it a modern, majestic appearance. Its four gates, facing in four directions, represent benevolence, mercy, cheerfulness, and indifference.

The path to the stupa is adorned with images of Nagar snakes and ancient Khmer patterns. In the pagoda yard stands the majestic statue of Buddha entering Nirvana.

The 63-meter-long, 23-meter-tall statue weighs 490 tons and reclines on a platform 28 meters above the ground. The pagoda is also known as the Soc Trang Reclining Buddha Pagoda.

“The reclining Buddha statue lies in a spacious area. I have never seen such a big Buddha statue. The pagoda is ancient and magnificent. If I have another opportunity, I will bring my family to this temple again. I have been to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, but this pagoda has its own unique features,” said Tran Van An, a tourist from Thanh Hoa province visiting the pagoda for the first time.

Som Rong pagoda houses a library containing more than 1,500 books.

“This is my first time visiting the pagoda. I am impressed by the huge reclining Buddha statue. My family is on a sightseeing tour, and I hope to be able to come back here someday. The pagoda is tranquil and beautiful. We came here to pray for health, peace, and prosperity,” said Huynh Thi Nhu Anh, a tourist from Tien Giang province.