Exploring Creative Spaces in Ho Chi Minh City: A Guide For Gen Z

Ho Chi Minh City has become renowned for its vibrant and creative atmosphere, attracting people from all walks of life, particularly young people and artists.


The “Gen Z” generation is known for their diverse personalities and passion for arts and creativity. They continuously seek new experiences to challenge themselves, emphasizing emotional factors and mental excitement in their daily lives. Within the bustling Ho Chi Minh City, there are several unique “check-in” destinations that provide young people with endless creative inspiration.

Saigon Outcast

Address: 188/1 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, Thu Duc

Opening hours: 10 a.m – 11 p.m every day

Saigon Outcast, opened in 2021, is an entertainment – art complex catering to the foreign community living in Ho Chi Minh City and young, aspiring Vietnamese artists. It transforms shipping containers into cafes, restaurants, and art exhibition spaces, offering vibrant music performances. The owner of Saigon Outcast welcomes young art enthusiasts to showcase their talents and pursue their dreams.

Five Creative Spaces For Gen Z People In Ho Chi Minh City
The vibrant atmosphere inside the Saigon Outcast entertainment complex. Photo: Saigon Outcast

The highlight of Saigon Outcast is the graffiti art painted on its giant walls. The large size, unique designs, and colorful appearance of the graffiti paintings instantly captivate guests. Artists are welcome to contact the manager to leave their personal mark on their works.

On sunny days, Saigon Outcast is the perfect choice for young Saigoneers to capture beautiful check-in pictures for their Instagram feeds. They can pose beside the graffiti walls or enjoy coffee in nearby classic-style cafes. The rustic acoustic performances and outdoor movie screenings also provide guests with new positive energy and inspiration.

De La Sól

Address: 244 Pasteur, Vo Thi Sau ward, District 3

Opening hours: 9 a.m – 9 p.m every day

De La Sól is a coffee-art exhibition complex with spacious and open space, featuring unique architecture inspired by the Montreal region of Canada. The name “De La Sól” translates to “Belongs to the sun”, symbolizing growth, development, and radiance.

Five Creative Spaces For Gen Z People In Ho Chi Minh City
The impressive spiral staircase at De La Sól. Photo: De La Sól.

De La Sól features two floors, capturing public curiosity with its layout inspired by Montreal. Upon entering the café, guests are greeted by a massive spiral staircase that serves as a highlight of the destination. Many young people pose beside the staircase for unique Instagram check-in photos. The meticulously designed bar area offers a diverse menu of drinks, ranging from regular coffee to premium mocktails, adding to De La Sól’s appeal.

The first floor of De La Sól houses an exhibition space focused on visual interaction. It offers visitors exciting experiences and serves as a source of inspiration for young artists.


Address: 73 Street No. 4, Thao Dien, Thu Duc

Opening hours: 11 a.m – 11 p.m every day

OBJoff, a creative complex, gets its name from the pun “off-job”, referring to activities outside of work. It allows young people to explore new things related to fashion and interior decoration during their leisure time.

Five Creative Spaces For Gen Z People In Ho Chi Minh City
The decoration and art style inside the OBJoff complex. Photo: OBJoff

OBJoff is not just a playground for young creative individuals, including local and international talents, but also hosts various carefully selected creative organizations. Visitors can enjoy a range of delicious food and beverages while finding inspiration in the art installation spaces that draw from unique concepts.

XYZ Café & Artspace

Address: 50 Nguyen Van Mai, Ward 8, District 3

Opening hours: 8 a.m – 10 p.m every day

Situated in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, XYZ Café & Artspace is considered a “living work of art”. It offers a serene atmosphere for visitors to enjoy coffee and explore a new world of arts, where artists can freely express themselves through their creativity.

Five Creative Spaces For Gen Z People In Ho Chi Minh City
The intoxicating coffee aroma leads customers into the unique world of art. Photo: XYZ Café & Artspace

XYZ Café & Artspace, with its spacious and open space, features a beautiful white interior. The walls are adorned with countless paintings, art photos, and handcrafted works strategically arranged to create a unique ambiance. The furniture adds to the distinctive art style and enhances visitors’ experiences.

Uom Art Hub

Address: 42/58 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 7, Binh Thanh District

Opening hours: 7 a.m – 9 p.m every day

Uom Art Hub draws inspiration from the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand, known for its numerous cultural and artistic complexes, including photography studios, bookstores, cafes, and tattoo studios.

Five Creative Spaces For Gen Z People In Ho Chi Minh City
The creative space inside Uom Art Hub. Photo: Uom Art Hub
Charlotte Pho