Exploring Ban Ba Waterfall – The Longest Waterfall in Northern Vietnam

One of the North's longest waterfalls, the Ban Ba Waterfall, can be found in Ban Ba village, Trung Ha commune, located in Chiem Hoa district in Tuyen Quang province.


Located at an altitude of approximately 170m, Ban Ba waterfall is known as Tuyen Quang’s iconic landmark. The waterfall’s water level remains consistent throughout the year, earning it the nickname “the sleeping muse”.

The Ban Ba waterfall stretches over a length of about 3 km and is comprised of three main tiers. These tiers are known as Tat Cum, Tat Cao, and Tat Gio, with small waterfalls and blue water ponds nestled between them.

Ban Ba Waterfall - The Longest Waterfall In Northern Vietnam

Referring to the heroic Tuyen Quang, many people often think of the history of resistance against foreign invaders here. So this land is also known by names like “capital of the resistance” and “capital of liberation”. Tuyen Quang is famous for many magnificent landmarks, such as the Ban Ba waterfall.

Ban Ba Waterfall is located at the foot of Phieng Khang Mountain, Trung Ha Commune, Chiem Hoa District, 80km away from Tuyen Quang City. From Chiem Hoa, go 25km to reach the waterfall deep in the jungle, surrounded by green and majestic mountains. Ban Ba Waterfall is the pride of Vinh Loc town, captivating visitors with its natural beauty.

Ban Ba Waterfall - The Longest Waterfall In Northern Vietnam

Ban Ba Waterfall is renowned for its unique structure, featuring three tiers: Tat Cum, Tat Cao, and Tat Gio. Nestled in a primeval forest with 93 percent green coverage, the waterfall is strictly protected by forest rangers, providing a fresh and comfortable atmosphere.

The waterfall was recognized as a national landscape in 2007, attracting visitors with its breathtaking scenery. Additionally, visitors can explore the surrounding jungle, which is home to many rare and valuable plants. After a long day, indulge in a delicious meal featuring local specialties such as bamboo shoots, sticky rice, and chicken.

Ban Ba Waterfall - The Longest Waterfall In Northern Vietnam

During a visit to Ban Ba, enjoy the picturesque scenery and immerse yourself in the crystal-clear blue water. Walking along the waterfall’s edge provides a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, relieving the stress of everyday life. The locals here also have an interesting story about the “dong tree with red leaves”.

Ban Ba Waterfall - The Longest Waterfall In Northern Vietnam

The story goes that in the past, Lord Ca Luong, the governor of this land, rode a dragon to the top of the waterfall, where he encountered a fairy challenging him to a game of chess. He won a pair of shoes that allowed him to travel great distances. However, his mother suspected his wife of adultery and to prove her innocence, the wife hid one of the shoes. The Lord’s journey to the capital with a fairy shoe and the other shoe covered in clay ended in tragedy, resulting in the red leaves on the trees.

Charlotte Pho