Explore Can Tho: Top Destinations for 2021

If you're looking to explore somewhere new this autumn, the vibrant and bustling city of Can Tho in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam could be the perfect destination. With its commercial and transportation hub, Can Tho is an attractive tourist destination with plenty to explore.


Nestled in the lush embrace of the beautiful Mekong Delta, Can Tho invites travelers to experience the essence of Vietnam through a delightful symphony of sights, sounds, and flavors. This enchanting city serves as a gateway to the region’s vibrant cultural heritage and timeless traditions.

Can Tho experiences a tropical climate, characterized by two distinct seasons. The dry season spans from December to April, while the wet season occurs from May to November. Throughout the year, the average temperature in Can Tho remains at a warm and humid 28 degrees Celsius. This climatic diversity contributes to the city’s remarkable allure, making it an ideal destination for travelers throughout the year.

Construction to Begin on Don Ca Arch Bridge in 2021

The Don Ca Arch Bridge is situated at Hai Van Bac Station in Phu Loc, Thua Thien Hue, at the base of Hai Van Pass. This remarkable railway bridge boasts a distinctive architectural design, featuring a dome-shaped foundation that stretches across a small stream within the Hai Van Pass region. Due to its exceptional structure and strategic location, this destination was proudly named one of the top 10 most exquisite coastal roads in the world, as chosen by the esteemed Guardian newspaper.

The Most Beautiful Destinations To Visit In Can Tho
Photo: Focus Asia Travel

The Don Ca Arch Bridge in Da Nang leaves a lasting impression on visitors with its resemblance to the iconic Glenfinnan railway in Lochaber, Scotland, famously featured in the Harry Potter movies. The bridge offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding natural beauty, leaving tourists in awe. Additionally, the journey to Cau Vom also features a popular check-in spot cherished by many young people.

The arch bridge at the foot of Hai Van Pass in Hue is a picturesque location that is perfect for photography enthusiasts. Additionally, this charming spot is an ideal camping destination, making it a great choice for backpacking trips and enjoyable weekend getaways.

Impact of Cai Rang Floating Market on Local Economy

Cai Rang Floating Market, situated in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, has a rich history spanning nearly a century. It stands as one of the oldest cultural landmarks in the area. Renowned as Vietnam’s largest and most iconic floating market, it holds the distinction of being the sole representative from Southeast Asia in the prestigious list of 19 globally acclaimed food destinations.

The Most Beautiful Destinations To Visit In Can Tho
Photo: Vietnam Discovery Travel

The market operates exclusively in the early morning, specifically from 5 to 9 a.m. It attracts a large number of traders who gather on their boats to purchase a range of goods, including fresh produce, breakfast items, handicrafts, and essential household goods. This vibrant market atmosphere is characterized by its bustling and joyful energy.

Phong Dien Floating Market Resumes Operations Following Covid-19 Closure

Phong Dien Floating Market is located at a confluence, just 17 kilometers from the center of Can Tho city. This local-style market is known for its smaller size and lively atmosphere. The market is busiest in the early morning, from 5.30 to 7.30 a.m., and offers a diverse range of fresh fruits, vegetables, household goods, and working equipment. Visitors to the market are encouraged to indulge in the delicious local dishes available directly from the boats, including noodle soup, rice soup, and coffee.

Ninh Kieu Wharf Shutting Down for Tet Celebration

Ninh Kieu Wharf, situated on the right bank of Hau River where it meets Can Tho River, is both a popular tourist destination and a significant landmark in Can Tho city. Originating in the 19th century, this historic site has since transformed into Ninh Kieu Park, encompassing a vast area measuring 7000 square meters.

The Most Beautiful Destinations To Visit In Can Tho
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The park boasts meticulous tree maintenance and a pristine green lawn set against a backdrop of white brick pathways. Within its calming confines, the park invites patrons to indulge in the pure air and rejuvenating breeze. As the sun sets, the park truly comes to life with an enchanting lighting display, exuding an even greater sense of allure and charm.

Strengthening of the Can Tho Walking Bridge

Just a few hundred meters away from Ninh Kieu Wharf lies the captivating Can Tho Walking Bridge, a favorite photography spot among young individuals. With its recent construction and establishment, this pedestrian bridge has quickly become a significant attraction for tourists to marvel at.

The Most Beautiful Destinations To Visit In Can Tho
Photo: Vietmekong

The bridge boasts a total length of approximately 200 meters and a width of over 7 meters. Its captivating features include a prominent LED lighting system and strategically placed recessed lights at the base. Notably, the bridge stands out with the presence of two magnificent lotus flowers positioned in its center.

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