Experience the Thrill of Cloud-Hunting Season in Fansipan

In the month of December, numerous adventurers gather at the peak of Fansipan to witness the most incredible cloud-seeking season of the year.


Fansinpan summit is located 9km away from the center of Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam. It has an altitude of 3,147m and takes approximately 2 days to hike to the top. Before 2016, Fansipan used to attract a minimum of 1,000 trekkers daily due to its breathtaking panoramic view from the summit and its relatively easy hiking trail. However, in February 2016, a cable car was built to transport visitors from the base of the mountain to a station near the summit, making it a highly popular tourist attraction.

The stunning natural scenery of Fansipan surrounded by clouds. Photo: Hoang Trung Hieu

Cloud hunting is an intriguing activity that depends on various factors such as time, temperature, climate, and even luck. Ideal conditions for cloud hunting include windy weather, foggy surroundings, and no rain. Each year, starting from early November, tourists flock to Fansipan to search for beautiful clouds that often appear after rain showers.

It is widely regarded that Fansipan is the ultimate destination for cloud hunting. Visiting during winter allows tourists to witness the town nestled amidst the sea of clouds. December is the perfect time to explore Sapa, make your way to Fansipan Peak, and experience the clouds beneath your feet. Fansipan is also the most accessible peak for cloud hunting due to the cable car that takes visitors closer to the mountain’s summit.

The climate in Sapa remains pleasant all year round. Photo: Gadt Travel

Explorers who make the journey to Fansipan cannot help but be captivated by the excitement, allure, and desire to conquer the majestic peak surrounded by clouds. With its fresh and pleasant air, the mountain offers a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a magnificent and dreamlike natural landscape. As they ascend higher, they will find themselves fully immersed in the untainted beauty of the dense forests and mesmerizing mountains.

The climate in Sapa remains pleasant throughout the year. However, if you are prepared to conquer the majestic Fansipan Summit, it is crucial to dress appropriately to stay warm and comfortable. Wearing sturdy hiking boots is recommended to prevent cold and altitude sickness, especially as you gain elevation. Overcoming all the obstacles leads to a rewarding experience of witnessing the grandeur of the mountains and the vast sky, breathing in the refreshing atmosphere that brings a sense of tranquility.

As a special gift from Fansipan to passionate explorers, this location serves as the perfect backdrop for creating a stunning photo album. With its magnificent natural scenery, Fansipan offers countless picturesque views for visitors to capture and immerse themselves in a dreamy and affectionate atmosphere. Majestic, poetic, and challenging, Fansipan seems to beckon all travelers to test their mettle and conquer its peak. It has become a beloved destination often mentioned in various Sapa reviews.

Travelers will be enchanted by the majestic view of the mountains and clouds. Photo: Vietnam Plus

Travelers should not miss visiting a Northwestern-style tourist destination called May Village. This charming village is situated at the base of the mountain and is part of the Fansipan cable car station complex. The village is home to 5 ethnic minority groups in Sa Pa.

Within the village, visitors will find 11 ancient houses brought from different villages, where artisans and the younger generation of H’Mong, Dao, Giay, Tay, and Xa Pho people come together to create a unique cultural space. The ethnic minority groups introduce visitors to their distinct cultural features through culinary experiences, traditional crafts, and folk rituals.

Ban May is not only remarkable for its authentic experiences, but it also allures tourists as a check-in location exuding the ambiance of the Northwestern mountains and forests. Visitors can dress in traditional costumes of the 5 ethnic minority groups and take memorable photos against the backdrop of tranquil houses. Enjoying a warm cup of cappuccino while witnessing the transformation of nature and forests during the misty season is an experience unique to Fansipan.

Charlotte Pho