Exhibition of Artworks by Polish and Vietnamese Talents in Hanoi

Visitors to Hanoi have the chance to view a collection of 169 works of art, including paintings and sculptures, from both Polish and Vietnamese artists at an exhibition in the city.


According to VNA, a joint exhibition in Hanoi is currently showcasing nearly 170 paintings and sculptures. The exhibition, which began on October 7, features a collection of unique watercolour paintings and sculptures created by Polish and Vietnamese artists. These artworks beautifully depict various landscapes, individuals, and cultures.

“The Reunion of Colours 2” is a themed exhibition organized by the Hanoi Watercolour Artists Club. It is being held to celebrate the club’s first founding anniversary, with honorary patronage from the Embassy of Poland in Hanoi and the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

Vietnamese, Polish Artists Showcase Art Works in Hanoi
This vibrant exhibition showcases the rich and diverse paintings by 50 renowned artists from Poland and over 50 talented artists from Vietnam, and other international guest artists, depicting the mesmerizing beauty of both countries.

Last year, The Reunion of Colours held its inaugural exhibition, showcasing the talents of nearly 20 artists and featuring over 80 artworks.

This year, the exhibition has grown significantly, featuring 169 paintings and sculptures from 50 Polish artists and 58 Vietnamese artists. It provides an exceptional opportunity for visitors to admire the remarkable cultural bond between Vietnam and Poland.

The exhibition showcases a collection of Vietnamese watercolor artists from various regions, including the notable talents of Dinh Duc and Pham Thom. It also includes esteemed Polish artists such as Stanislaw Zoladz, Michał Suffczynski, and Michal Jasiewicz.

Most of the works on display feature watercolor paintings, alongside a wooden sculpture by artist Le Ngoc Thuan from Hoi An. The sculpture addresses the important theme of marine environment protection.

Each artist’s work not only showcases their talent and creativity, but also encapsulates the cultural characteristics and artistic spirit of Vietnam and Poland.

Vietnamese, Polish Artists Showcase Art Works in Hanoi
The exhibition provides a chance for artists from the two nations to exchange and learn about the culture, language, and arts of each other.

The event serves as a culturally vibrant and diverse platform for esteemed artists from Poland and Vietnam to share their insights and partake in meaningful discussions pertaining to the world of art.

The exhibition will be held at Exhibition Hall 29 Hang Bai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi until October 13.

Vietnamese, Polish Artists Showcase Art Works in Hanoi
An art work at the exhibition.
Vietnamese, Polish Artists Showcase Art Works in Hanoi
Iwona Korycka (Poland), Wschód słońca nad rzeką Rawką_38x56cm_2023
Vietnamese, Polish Artists Showcase Art Works in Hanoi
Jarosław_Drążek (Poland), Zima Kazimierz Dolny_37x54cm_2023
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