Epic Drone Show Happening This Weekend in West Lake (Hanoi)

Promising to deliver a captivating experience, an impressive light show featuring hundreds of drones is set to mesmerize the audience. Each drone has been meticulously programmed with unique 3D scripts, ensuring a truly immersive and unforgettable visual spectacle. Get ready to be amazed as these aerial performers take flight and paint the night sky with their synchronized movements. Prepare to witness a one-of-a-kind display that pushes the boundaries of technology and creativity. Brace yourself for an extraordinary show that will leave you in awe.


“Get on Hanoi 2024” will feature a spectacular light show with hundreds of drones, taking place on March 9-10. The event will be held at the creative space near Trinh Cong Son and Lac Long Quan streets and will mark the beginning of over 50 cultural, festival, and tourism activities planned for the year 2024. These activities aim to promote Hanoi to both domestic and international audiences. Some of the key events include the Hanoi Tourism Festival 2024, Hanoi Tourism Gift Festival 2024, Hanoi Autumn Festival, Culinary Festival and Craft Village Tourism, and Hanoi Ao Dai Festival 2024.

Light show by drone at West Lake on 2024 spring New Year’s Eve.

These activities are part of Hanoi’s efforts to attract 27 million visitors, including 5.5 million international visitors, in 2024. In February alone, Hanoi received an estimated 2.18 million visitors, including nearly 383,000 foreigners, marking a 7.1% and 15% increase compared to the previous year, respectively. The total revenue from tourism activities in February reached VND 8.06 trillion (USD 327 million), a 9% increase year-on-year. Since the beginning of 2024, Hanoi has welcomed a total of 4.23 million visitors, an 11.9% increase compared to the same period in 2023. The total revenue from tourists during the first two months of 2024 reached VND 16.42 trillion (USD 666 million), a 20.9% increase compared to the same period in 2023.

In addition to the light show, visitors will have the opportunity to taste Hanoi’s typical foods, participate in folk games, and admire the award-winning photos from a tourism photography contest. Within the framework of the program, the Department of Tourism and People’s Committee of Tay Ho district announced the recognition of the Nhat Tan tourist area located in Nhat Tan ward. This tourist area is known for its natural beauty and cultural resources. Main attractions in the area include Nhat Tan communal house, Tao Sach pagoda, West lake, Nhat Tan traditional peach blossom craft village, Trinh Cong Son walking street, West Lake flower valley, West Lake Water Park, and Sen Tay Ho restaurant. The tourist area has 19 accommodation establishments with 102 rooms, as well as various entertainment and recreation services covering an area of 100,000 square meters.

The Hanoi Tourism Department has planned several activities for March to further enhance tourism development. These activities include the “Get on Hanoi 2024” event and the Friendship Spring Tourism 2024 program. The department is also working on a draft plan to develop community and agricultural tourism models in craft villages and ethnic minority areas. Additionally, the department will promote cooperation with other provinces and cities to create cultural and spiritual tourism routes such as Hanoi – Ha Nam – Ninh Binh, Hanoi – Son La, and Hanoi – Lao Cai – Lai Chau.

Hannah Nguyen