Dragon-inspired artwork to commemorate Lunar New Year 2024

Draw The Dragons painting exhibition conveys a positive message about this year's New Year mascot.


To celebrate the Lunar New Year 2024, an exhibition called “Drawing the Dragons” will take place at the Temple of Literature from January 20 to February 20 and at the Thang Long Imperial Citadel in Hanoi from January 21 to February 25.

 The artwork titled “Dragon Carving” by Duy To. Photos: TiredCity

The organizers have curated 80 dragon-themed artworks at the exhibition, showcasing the creative achievements of more than 75 young illustrators from all over the country.

Through the artists’ visions and illustrations, the dragon shines with charisma and carries a unique personality. The exhibition promises to provide creativity enthusiasts and visitors in Hanoi with an intriguing and entertaining perspective on this revered creature.

The dragon-themed illustrations are part of the Illustration Challenge #13 project, jointly organized by TiredCity and the Vietnam Local Artist Group (VLAG), a community of young artists.

Illustration Challenge #13 is a fundraising activity to support the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to the rescue and support of street children, children with disabilities, and victims of human trafficking across Vietnam.

Furthermore, the top 13 entries from the challenge will be featured in a New Year’s calendar.

 A dragon-themed painting by artist Vu Ngoc Thanh.

In Vietnamese folklore and mythology, dragons hold significant symbolism. The Vietnamese people believe themselves to be the offspring of a dragon and a fairy, as told in the legend of “Con Rong Chau Tien” or “Children of the Dragon, Grandchildren of the Immortal”.

The Vietnamese dragon is a fusion of a crocodile, snake, cat, rat, and bird. Historically, as the Vietnamese inhabited areas near rivers, they revered crocodiles as “Giao Long,” the prototype of the Vietnamese dragon.

Since then, the dragon has become a symbol of prosperity, bringing rain vital for agriculture. It also embodies imperial power, prosperity, and the resilience of the nation.

 Artwork by Dang Thai Tuan.
 The painting depicts dragons and kites by Vu Duc Anh.