Dong Thap: VNSF Grants Scholarships to 64 Underprivileged Students

The Vietnam Scholarship Foundation (VNSF) has recently collaborated with the Associations for Promoting Education in Cao Lanh city and My Tra commune to hold the VNSF Scholarship Award Ceremony for the first semester of the 2023-2024 school year.

Dong Thap: VNSF Awarded Scholarships to 64 Students in Difficult Circumstances
Do Thi Dao, Director of VNSF, awarded scholarships to 64 students in Dong Thap.

At the ceremony, 64 scholarships and gifts were awarded to the students in primary school, secondary school, high school, college, and university. All students are in difficult circumstances, in Cao Lanh district, Lap Vo district, and Cao Lanh city.

Total scholarships worth VND 240 million, of which each scholarship is worth VND 1 million (primary school students); VND 1.25 million (secondary school students); VND 1.5 million (high school students); VND 6 million (college students); and VND 7.6 million (university students).

At the same time, VNSF awarded 8 students with difficult circumstances to graduate from high school and enroll in colleges and universities (VND 2 million/student).

The director of the VNSF scholarship program in Vietnam Do Thi Dao said that the scholarship was awarded with the desire to help students have more motivation to strive in their studies and become good citizens of society.

Earlier, VNSF also awarded scholarships to students in difficult circumstances in Dong Thap. In April 2022, VNSF awarded 87 scholarships. Each scholarship is worth VND 2 million/year (primary school students); VND 2.2 million/year (secondary school students); VND 2.4 million/year (high school students); VND 4.1 million/year (college students); VND 5.1 million/year (university students). The total amount awarded was VND 213 million.

VNSF is a non-governmental organization based in the United States that focuses on supporting underprivileged students from primary school to high school, college, and university to continue their educational dreams by awarding annual scholarships.
Hai Dang