Dong A University Collaborates with South Korea to Enhance Tech Workforce

Dong A University, located in the bustling city of Da Nang, has joined forces with the Republic of Korea (RoK) to cultivate skilled professionals in the fields of semiconductors, robotics, and information technology. This collaboration aims to enhance the training and development of individuals in these cutting-edge industries. Together, we strive to equip our graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the ever-evolving world of technology.


Dong A University, based in Da Nang, has partnered with prestigious Korean institutions in the Republic of Korea (RoK), namely Gyeongsan Institute of Science and Technology, Jeju National University, Daegu Catholic University, and Da Nang Software Entrepreneurs’ Club (DSEC) to develop expertise in the fields of semiconductor, robotics, and information and communication technology (ICT), according to a report by VNA.

At the signing ceremony. Photo: Dong A University

Under a cooperation agreement signed in Da Nang on February 23, they will collaborate to train highly-skilled professionals and seek jobs for them in the RoK’s Gyeongsangbuk province, ensuring that qualified graduates have access to promising employment opportunities.

Mutual support in R&D activities will be facilitated, including national and non-R&D projects fostering deeper collaboration between RoK and Vietnam.

They will also organize business forums and networking activities focusing on the targeted sectors to strengthen cooperation between universities and enterprises.

Dong A University’s students will gain invaluable exposure through joint training programs with Korean companies, long-term internships at partner universities or businesses, and even the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies in the RoK after completing global corporate partnership projects.

At the signing ceremony. Photo: VNA

According to Bui Ngoc Vinh, chairman of DSEC, in addition to business cooperation, collaboration between businesses and universities is also contributing to the training of highly qualified human resources in this field for the region, as well as the opportunity to capitalize on investment opportunities in the semiconductor industry.

IT businesses in Da Nang are looking forward to the participation of universities, including Dong A University, in training and providing high-quality resources to act as bridge engineers for IT businesses and DSEC businesses in Da Nang when receiving cooperation projects in the RoK.

Luong Minh Sam, chairman of the Dong A University Council, said the university is developing a project to teach IT to students majoring in the Korean language or to teach Korean to IT students.

Prof. Bong-hwan Kim, dean of the Semiconductor Department at Daegu Catholic University, shared information about the model of a university’s training institute located within a business. He expressed that the university is prepared to offer free training courses for Dong A University lecturers and students in the semiconductor field.

Cooperating with universities and research institutes in the RoK is part of Dong A University’s network of over 30 affiliated units for international academic and research cooperation.

Previously, on February 22, Dong A University collaborated with Minh Tan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan, China) to promote collaboration in the fields of electronics and semiconductor training programs. The two institutions have partnered on a master’s program for talented students majoring in IT and Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology starting in 2022.

Hannah Nguyen