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    Developing Vietnamese Language Teaching and Learning for Abroaders

    Pham Van Thang, head of Member Council of Vietnam Education Publishing House, has declared that the Publisher will continue investigating ways to build a product network to support teaching and learning Vietnamese abroad.

    Developing Vietnamese Language Teaching And Learning Abroad

    “Chao Tieng Viet” (Hello Vietnamese) book series in Belgium public libraries

    What has the Vietnam Education Publishing House implemented to spread and preserve Vietnamese in the world?

    In its 66 years of establishment and development, the Vietnam Education Publishing House has compiled and published numerous books to improve knowledge and appreciation for the Vietnamese language, literature, and culture. This includes sets of books designed to teach Vietnamese to overseas Vietnamese as well as the “Chao Tieng Viet” (Hello Vietnamese) series compiled by Nguyen Thuy Anh. These publications have reached communities in countries such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Belgium, and Luxembourg, and have even been honored as gifts from Party and State leaders to the Vietnamese communities in certain countries.

    In Belgium, the “Chao Tieng Viet” series has been made available in public libraries for people to borrow and use. In Qatar, classes based on the series have been regularly deployed since April 2023.

    Can you introduce the newly launched Vietnamese bookcase model to the overseas Vietnamese community?

    In response to the Government’s project “Honoring the Vietnamese language in the overseas Vietnamese community in the period of 2023-2030,” the Vietnam Education Publishing House and the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs have collaborated to build libraries, introduce books, spread Vietnamese culture in other countries, provide Vietnamese language teaching materials, and support Vietnamese teaching for communities around the world. The Vietnamese bookcase is a collaborative product between the two parties, specifically designed for new learners of Vietnamese (including Vietnamese, 2nd and 3rd generation Vietnamese living abroad, and children of multicultural families between Vietnamese and foreigners), Vietnamese language teachers, and Vietnamese language learners in the community. The bookcase also includes the access code for the “Learn Vietnamese with VTV4” program, which teaches Vietnamese to Vietnamese children abroad in collaboration with VTV4. The Vietnamese bookcase model has been implemented in the Vietnamese representative offices in Fukuoka (Japan) and Hungary.

    Developing Vietnamese Language Teaching And Learning Abroad

    Support in teaching Vietnamese

    What kind of books are in the Vietnamese bookcase?

    The bookcase includes Vietnamese teaching and learning materials, reference materials, bilingual support, and advanced supplementary materials. Vietnamese teaching and learning materials cater to overseas Vietnamese children aged 6-15 years old. The bilingual support materials include a bilingual illustrated dictionary (English-Vietnamese) and bilingual science comics (English-Vietnamese) to facilitate vocabulary learning in various fields, including science. The advanced supplementary materials enhance Vietnamese reading comprehension and introduce readers to Vietnamese folklore and contemporary literature.

    What plans will the Vietnam Education Publishing House have to support the teaching and learning of Vietnamese abroad?

    In the coming time, the Vietnam Education Publishing House will continue to explore options to deploy the Vietnamese bookcase model in different locations. The publishing house hopes that its books will support Vietnamese teaching efforts within the community and serve as a cultural bridge connecting young people around the world with Vietnam. Additionally, the “Chao Tieng Viet” series will continue to be expanded to ensure an adequate range of teaching materials aligned with the Ministry of Education and Training’s six competency levels program.

    Rosie Nguyen
    Source: Vietnam Times