Denmark and Vietnam Collaborate for Green and Agricultural Production Opportunities

Nine Danish agri-food companies have arrived in Vietnam with the intention of exploring potential partnerships in the fields of agriculture and sustainable food production. Their primary objective is to identify opportunities for collaboration and growth within the Vietnamese market, leveraging their expertise and knowledge in the agri-food industry. By engaging with local businesses and stakeholders, these Danish companies aim to contribute to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly food production practices in Vietnam. Through this visit, they hope to establish long-term partnerships that will foster mutual growth and create a positive impact on the agricultural sector in both countries.


Three weeks after the establishment of the Green Strategic Partnership between Vietnam and Denmark, a Danish sustainable agriculture and food delegation landed in Ho Chi Minh City to exchange experiences and innovative solutions in sustainable and resource-efficient food and agriculture with their local counterparts and business partners.

The delegation is led by representatives of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, and the Danish Agriculture and Food Council and accompanied by nine Danish agri-food companies specializing in the fields of livestock and fisheries, agricultural and food production and processing, and temperature-controlled storage solutions.

According to Mette Ekeroth, Deputy Head of the


Embassy in Hanoi, green transition in the agriculture and food sector is always a central theme of cooperation between Vietnam and Denmark, both in the two countries’ ongoing Strategic Sector Cooperation program and the recently established Green Strategic Partnership.

“We hope that this visit of the Danish Sustainable Agriculture and Food delegation could serve as a platform for key stakeholders, Danish and Vietnamese, to meet, share insights, and forge partnerships that will continue shaping the future of agriculture and food production in both countries,” said Ekeroth.

The Danish agriculture and food industry, for many years, has continuously invested in new production equipment and solutions that boost production yield and improve product quality but at the same time consume less water and energy. Nowadays, Denmark produces three times more food than its population can consume, with some of the lowest greenhouse gas emissions in Europe.

Further, the Embassy of Denmark in partnership with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, jointly hosted a seminar, facilitated by Food Nation, titled ‘Farming for the Future: A Danish – Vietnamese Dialogue on green and Efficient food and agriculture’ on November 22.

Representatives from Danish and Vietnamese agricultural and food companies had the opportunity to identify potential areas of synergy which helped lay the foundation for mutually beneficial collaboration in the future.

Key areas of focus included the introduction of green solutions that not only boost efficiency but also uphold sustainability, and the development of innovative practices and technologies for the agriculture and food industry.

Danish and Vietnamese businesses share experiences in developing sustainable green agriculture and food
Danish and Vietnamese businesses share experiences in developing sustainable green agriculture and food.

The seminar is an element in the long-term Strategic Sector Partnership (SSC) between Vietnam and Denmark with an overall aim to support Vietnam’s efforts to transform the agriculture and food sector towards green and sustainability.

Hannah Nguyen