“Data Privacy Awareness” Campaign Initiated to Inform Internet Users

The “News” campaign recently launched is aimed at helping Internet users hone their skills for recognizing and avoiding fake news online with the slogan “online news, trustful news”.


On October 11, the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information coordinated with VnExpress Newspaper, FPT Online Services Joint Stock Company, and TikTok Vietnam to organize the launching program of a media campaign to raise awareness of internet users in Vietnam called “News”.

“News” Campaign Launched to Raise Awareness of Internet Users

The campaign aims to create a healthy playing field, encourage internet users in Vietnam to be creative, produce positive content, and bring value to the community. It also honors content creators and those who work in media, creating a meeting space for those involved in the process of publishing information in cyberspace to share experiences, responsibilities, and professional ethics.

The campaign will begin in October-November 2023, including two main activities: the “Anti-Fake News” content creation contest and the Tinternet – Enhancing Internet Culture in Vietnam.

“News” Campaign Launched to Raise Awareness of Internet Users

“Anti Fake News” content creation contest is jointly organized by the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information, VnExpress Newspaper, and TikTok Vietnam from October 2 – 28. With a total prize value of up to VND 150 million, the contest is a playground for everyone to create content on the TikTok platform with the goal of propagandizing and preventing fake and false news in cyberspace.

To participate, contestants need to post a video of at least 15 seconds long in public mode with the hashtag #AntiFakeNews #news on TikTok with content on the following topics: Performing the “Anti Fake News” dance as instructed by the Organizing Committee; Singing the theme song or composing lyrics according to the theme of the contest; or Telling a story or acting out a scene about a situation and how to handle it when you or a loved one encounters untrue or unverified information.

“News” Campaign Launched to Raise Awareness of Internet Users

The Tinternet – Enhancing Internet Culture in Vietnam program is expected to be held in Hanoi at the end of November 2023.

This is the final phase of the campaign in 2023 with main activities including a booth area with minigames related to the program’s theme; the “Trusful News” workshop with the participation and sharing from media experts, representatives of online platforms, and famous content creators; the awarding ceremony of the “Anti Fake News” contest with performances and sharing by guest artists.

“News” Campaign Launched to Raise Awareness of Internet Users

In addition, during the campaign, communication activities including news articles and videos will also be conducted and widely shared on all online platforms such as VnExpress Newspaper, VnExpress.net Facebook page, the main Facebook page of the “Anti Fake News” program, TikTok… to contribute to spreading information and messages of the program to the masses in Vietnam.

Tracy Dao