Dalat To Host The Inaugural Classical Music Festival

The Vietnam Classical Music Festival (VCMF) is set to take place for the very first time in Da Lat, the enchanting resort city in the Central Highlands known as the UNESCO Creative Music City. Spanning from March 10 to 17, the festival promises a captivating celebration of classical music.


Featuring a range of performance styles and exceptional classical music from talented artists, the festival is set to attract approximately 20,000-30,000 attendees. It promises to be an engaging and accessible cultural event for the public.

Da Lat to host its first-ever Vietnam classical music festival from March 10-17 (Photo: VNA)

Music enthusiasts will have the opportunity to witness performances by renowned artists, enjoy classical music presented in a youthful style, and experience a unique performance space while still appreciating the core artistic values. Additionally, attendees will have the chance to experience remarkable performances by organizations such as Arietta, Song Hong Ensemble, Schubert in a Mug, Vietnam Youth Music Institute – VYMI, Vietnam Youth Orchestra, independent musicians, and Vietfest’s vast expertise in organizing cultural and artistic events.

The festival kicks off on March 10 with the concert “Sound of Brass,” a collaboration between the Hanoi and Da Lat brass communities. Following that, the opera concert “Season of Love” will captivate the audience with classic excerpts, particularly from Mozart’s renowned masterpiece “The Magic Flute.”

March 11 features a special flag-raising ceremony organized by the People’s Committee of Da Lat City, joined by brass musicians from across the country.

Notably, the opening concert of the “Dialogue about Time” exhibition introduces the works of esteemed painter Nguyen Tu Nghiem, who is considered one of the pillars of Indochinese fine arts.

His notable works, including “Giong,” “Dieu Mua Co,” “12 Con Giap,” and “Con Nghe Qua Thuc,” among others, showcase the essence of ancient Vietnamese fine arts and his boundless creativity.

This exhibition is a rare opportunity for audiences to admire the original 12 zodiac paintings by renowned artist Nguyen Tu Nghiem, presented for the first time in Da Lat.

Within the framework of the festival, a seminar on “Classical Music for Everyone” will be held, featuring discussions led by domestic and international experts in the field. Additionally, the curator and collector of the exhibition will be available for a chat, introducing the 12 zodiac painting series by artist Nguyen Tu Nghiem.

The closing concert of the Classical Music Festival will see all participants coming together as a community, with no restrictions based on age, skill level, or choice of musical instrument. The Organizing Committee hopes that this performance will create beautiful memories, marking the inaugural edition of the Classical Music Festival in Vietnam.

Dalat officially joined UNESCO’s Creative Cities network in the field of music on October 31, 2023.

Da Lat, an enchanting city nestled in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, celebrated its 130th anniversary and received the distinguished title of “UNESCO Creative Music City” at a ceremony on December 30. Photo: VNA

Upon receiving this recognition, Da Lat City (Lam Dong) immediately implemented initiatives to preserve and promote various forms of music.

According to Dang Quang Tu, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Da Lat, the city is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities as a member of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. The city aims to facilitate the development of community music and strengthen the network of music and art creative spaces.

Hanoi was the first city in Vietnam to join UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network in 2019.

Launched by UNESCO in 2004, the Creative Cities Network fosters collaboration among cities that recognize creativity as a vital element in their development. The network acknowledges creative fields in seven categories: crafts and folk arts, media arts, film, design, gastronomy, literature, and music.

As of 2023, the network boasts 301 member cities, including 61 cities in the field of music.

This event not only showcases the richness of classical music but also underscores the significance of creative expression as a foundation for community and development. As Da Lat and Vietnam continue to make their mark on the global stage, the VCMF serves as a testament to the transformative power of music and the arts.

Charlotte Pho