The bridge is more than just an architectural marvel; it has become a symbol of tourism in Da Nang since its opening in June 2018.

According to Luxebook, this distinctive site is one of the most photographed spots in the city. The Golden Bridge, with its impressive 500-foot length, appears to be supported by two oversized hands, adding to its majestic charm.

Located near Da Nang in Ba Na Hills, this innovative pedestrian bridge connects the cable car station with the gardens below. Walking across the Golden Bridge is akin to strolling on clouds between the hands of the God of Mountain, as described by the magazine.

On another note, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in the United States tops the list. This iconic red bridge, instantly recognizable, was completed in 1937.

Pont Alexandre III in Paris, France, takes the second spot, with its most delightful feature being the gilded iron and stone statues of nymphs, lions, and cherubs that give it a touch of royalty.

Other bridges on the list include The Twist in Norway, Rialto in Italy, Khaju in Iran, Charles in the Czech Republic, Helix in Singapore, Tower Bridge in the UK, and Harbour Bridge in Australia.

As summer vacation season arrives, people are jetting off to their eagerly anticipated getaways. For some, the allure may be food, while for others, it is the chance to experience a new culture, go shopping, or simply explore a new location.

If travelers are captivated by remarkable architecture, these beautiful bridges around the world will undoubtedly serve as perfect attractions, as suggested by the article.