Da Nang Youth Donate to Help Those in Need in Laos

Every day, the 'blue shirt' doctors in Da Nang go the extra mile to evaluate and dispense medications, as well as render medical aid to locals. Additionally, these hardworking individuals extend assistance to underserved villages and communities in Salavane province of Laos by distributing gifts to children and those in need.


Having recently arrived in the Salavane province of Laos, a group of 36 volunteers from the International Volunteer Union of Da Nang Youth Union has commenced their activities in support of the local population.

This initiative is part of the 2023 Summer Volunteer Campaign organized by the Da Nang Youth Union in Laos, which took place from July 15th to July 21st. The primary focus of the campaign was providing free medical examinations and distributing medicine to the community.

Da Nang 'Blue shirt' Youth Support Needy People in Laos
The volunteer group, led by Deputy Secretary of the Da Nang Youth Union Le Cong Hung, consisted of 36 volunteers, including officials, union members, youth, and doctors from various organizations. (Source: Tien Phong newspaper)

The team of doctors in their distinctive blue shirts provided free medical exams and distributed medicine to approximately 2,000 people in Salavane province, with a focus on the elderly and children.

The arrival of the Vietnamese volunteer delegation drew large crowds of people eager to receive medical care at the examination point.

To ensure smooth communication, the Salavane Provincial Youth Union provided local volunteers to assist with translation and support the doctors and nurses in understanding the symptoms and medical history of the patients.

Da Nang 'Blue shirt' Youth Support Needy People in Laos
With the support of both Vietnamese and Laotian volunteers, the initiative received a warm welcome and appreciation from the local community. (Source: Tien Phong newspaper)
Da Nang 'Blue shirt' Youth Support Needy People in Laos
The volunteer trip included medical examinations and the distribution of free medicine to approximately 2,000 people. (Source: Tien Phong newspaper)
Da Nang 'Blue shirt' Youth Support Needy People in Laos
After conducting medical examinations and consultations, the Vietnamese team distributed free medicine. (Source: Tien Phong newspaper)

Following the examination and medicine distribution, the volunteers provided guidance on the correct timing and dosage of the prescribed medicines.

In addition to medical services, the volunteer group also organized gift-giving programs, offering essential items to people in need and providing new learning materials to local students. This included distributing rice and necessities to over 200 households, as well as giving new books and backpacks to 40 students. The total funding for this volunteer program exceeded VND 300 million (USD 12,600).

Da Nang 'Blue shirt' Youth Support Needy People in Laos
Presentation of rice and necessities to 200 households at a value of VND 500,000 per unit. (Source: Tien Phong newspaper)
Da Nang 'Blue shirt' Youth Support Needy People in Laos
Handing over learning materials to 40 students and children facing challenging circumstances. (Source: Tien Phong newspaper)

According to Cao Thi Minh Trang, the days spent in Laos were the most memorable for every member of the delegation. She stated, “Wearing the blue shirt of the Youth Union, Da Nang youth go to remote and challenging places to help those in need. Nothing can hinder the enthusiasm and spirit of youth.”

Le Cong Hung, deputy secretary of the Da Nang Youth Union and head of the international volunteer delegation, emphasized the importance of the annual program in the summer volunteer campaign. He stated, “Vietnam and Laos are neighboring countries with a strong friendship, which has been nurtured and developed over the years. By joining forces to support our Lao counterparts, Da Nang youth strive to contribute to fostering the Vietnam-Laos relationship and promoting special friendship and solidarity.”

Hannah Nguyen