Often dubbed the city of thousands of flowers, Da Lat is home to various flower parks, farms, and festivals, each one serving to decorate the city with colourful blooms and rich green landscapes, the article states.

The travel website also suggests visitors spend their days exploring the Da Lat Flower Gardens and wandering around the grounds, taking in some of the fragrant lilies, chrysanthemums, and diverse orchids which the city is famous for.

According to Booking.com, Amsterdam in the Netherlands represents one of the best cities for flowers. This is hardly surprising as travelers are able to find multiple flower stalls filled with colourful tulips and bulbs across the Dutch city. 

Elsewhere, Funchal in Portugal is among the world’s top flower destinations as it is renowned for both its variety of gardens and wine cellars.

Most notably, the Maderia Botanical Garden is worth visiting all year round, particularly as it is home to over 2,000 varieties of plants and has an area dedicated to research and conservation, in addition to the Museum of Natural History for those wanting more scientific information on plants.

Other cities on the list include Gramado (Brazil), Victoria (Canada), Toowoomba (Australia) and Istanbul (Turkey).