“Culture in Color”: Over 60 Artists from Around the World Showcase Paintings at the Temple of Literature.

On March 16th, the Temple of Literature will host the "Colors Of Culture" exhibition, showcasing 465 watercolor paintings created by 60 talented artists from 22 different countries and territories. This international exhibition is set to be a vibrant celebration of diversity and cultural expression through the art of watercolor. Join us as we explore the intricate brushstrokes and vivid colors that bring these artists' unique perspectives to life. Discover the beauty and richness of different cultures through this extraordinary collection of artwork. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of artistic talent and cultural exchange.


The exhibition will showcase a unique collection of watercolor paintings from various countries, expressing their distinct cultural features through familiar themes of nature, country, and people.

Artwork displayed at the exhibition. Photo: VietnamInAcquarello

This exhibition is an initiative of VietnamInAcquarello, a branch of the International Watercolor Museum – the world’s largest community of watercolor artists based in Italy.

According to artist Nguyen Thu Huong (Thu Huong Coco), Head of VietnamInAcquarello, this is an opportunity for domestic artists to interact and exchange techniques with artists in the region as well as around the world, and meet collectors, students, individuals, and organizations interested in watercolor art.

The “Colors Of Culture” project presents 465 watercolor paintings, exhibited at two locations: Temple of Literature Relics and Nhau Studio, 364 Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Hanoi from March 16-26.

Artwork displayed at the exhibition. Photo: VietnamInAcquarello

Le Xuan Kieu – Director of the Center for Cultural and Scientific Activities at the Temple of Literature said, “The watercolor painting exhibition ‘Colors Of Culture’ is a meaningful cultural and artistic activity in promoting spiritual and cultural values, contributing to gradually turning the Temple of Literature into a creative space.”

On this occasion, 16 international artists will practice drawing at the Temple of Literature on the morning of March 16.

Through the performance, art lovers can directly witness the process of creating a watercolor painting, and observe how different cultures influence the choice of themes and designs.

Charlotte Pho