Cua Garden – an Emerging Check-in Destination

In the cold winter, the deciduous succulent trees in the Cua garden exude a romantic and poetic beauty.


Recently, many young tourists are eager to visit and check in at the romantic road lined with deciduous Sua trees (Succulents) in Vuon Cua, Huong Tra village, Hoa Huong ward, Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province. Tam Ky is the central city of Quang Nam province, in the South Central region of Vietnam.

Across Quang Nam, there is only one ancient Sua garden left in Tam Ky City. This city has 4,897 yellow-flowered Sua trees. In Cua Garden, there is a row of nearly 300 years old succulents. This garden is also home to thousands of other ancient floras.

Cua Garden - an Emerging Check-in Destination

In the winter, the image of deciduous succulent trees has a unique yet simple beauty. It oftens gives visitors contemplative and fluttering emotions mixed with a sense of nostalgia. Thanks to that rustic beauty, this place has increasingly attracted a large number of domestic and international tourists. Most of them are young people who want to admire the romantic scenery of the garden.

Tran Anh Tho (a resident of Dien Ban) said that this was the first time she came to Vuon Cua and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the ancient succulents.

“I have seen many people come here to take pictures online, so I went here with my husband and children over the weekend to experience it firsthand. The road that leads to this place is quite smooth and easy to travel. Every inch along the way is beautiful, my family has taken a lot of photos. In March of next year, we will return during the season of the jujube festival to take pictures in full bloom succulent trees,” Tho shared.

Cua Garden - an Emerging Check-in Destination

Nguyen Phung (who lives in Tam Ky) said that even though she passed this road every day, she still couldn’t resist the beauty of the trees there. According to her, each season the rows of succulents bring a unique beauty that captivates people’s hearts.

“Recently when I saw a lot of people coming here to take pictures so I also asked my close friends to dress up to take beautiful photos of our own. I am glad that so many people know about Cua Garden because this contributes to promoting the beauty of my hometown. This also gives people more motivation to preserve and promote the natural beauty that Mother nature has given us,” said Phung, happily.

Cua Garden - an Emerging Check-in Destination

According to the locals, hundreds of years ago people planted succulents along the dike to prevent landslides and floods. They planted them in their garden for firewood.

Unlike succulents in the North, yellow succulents are called garden incense by people in the Central region. This species belongs to the same genus as the big-fruited cedarwood and the bird’s-eye incense. These trees do not have precious wood like the white milkweed in the North.

Cua Garden - an Emerging Check-in Destination

Cua garden is not only beautiful in the winter but in late spring and early summer, this place is also a natural masterpiece. During this period, the succulent flower begins to bloom. The rows of golden succulent trees both provide shade and create a beautiful scene that has attracted countless visitors throughout the years. Tam Ky city government has chosen Huong Tra village to organize the festival of the succulent season since 2017.

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