Conquer the Splendid Ta Giang Phinh Village of Sapa

Visitors to Ta Giang Phinh village are greeted with stunning sights, including the majestic Ngu Chi Son mountain and the picturesque terraced fields, making it a popular tourist destination.


Nothing is more peaceful than spending the summer months enjoying the captivating scenery and enriching your understanding of the local culture in the picturesque land of Sapa. Hidden away in a remote corner of the mountain is a small, tranquil village that is ready to be explored and will surely make your trip an unforgettable one.

Ta Giang Phinh is a border commune of Sapa district.  Photo: @nguyen.daido
Ta Giang Phin is a border commune of the Sapa district. Photo: @nguyen.daido

Ta Giang Phinh Commune, also known as Ngu Chi Son Commune, is a border commune located in the Sapa District, about 28 km away from the town center. To get there, you need to take National Highway 1A to Ban Den, then follow Provincial Road 152 to Xuan Vien, and then National Highway 4D to O Quy Ho Village, before travelling along Provincial Road 155 for another 15 km. Upon completion of the journey, you will finally reach your destination.

The picturesque village of Sapa is just a stone’s throw away from the bustling center of the town, yet it remains a hidden gem due to its close proximity to the border and the winding, meandering path that one must take to get there.

This is an enthralling destination that you should visit at least once in your lifetime, to experience the breathtaking natural beauty and gain insight into the lives of the Mong and Dao ethnic people who call this place home.

Photo: Bao Son La
Photo: Bao Son La

Ta Giang Phinh was a stunning valley situated at the base of the striking Ngu Chi Son mountain, encircled by tall and majestic cliffs. A perpetual fog enveloped the area, yet the sun still illuminated the village each morning, creating an even more awe-inspiring and vibrant atmosphere.

One of the most alluring aspects of Ta Giang Phinh is its authentic local lifestyles. Trekking is a wonderful way to explore the area and gain an insight into the various ways of life of the locals. The tribes here are extremely friendly and hospitable, and you will be warmly invited to visit any of the local households to learn more about the culture. Unlike other Sapa trekking routes, some of the locals may even approach you and offer you some of their handmade crafts to purchase.

When hiking in Ta Giang Phinh, you can experience a journey of breathtaking beauty, with stunning rice terraces, tranquil streams, quaint hamlets, and majestic mountainscapes.

White Hmong in their unique dresses.  Photo: Golden Holiday Travel
White Hmong in their unique dresses. Photo: Golden Holiday Travel

You can also take pleasure in the breathtaking views of the terraced rice fields situated at the base of Ngu Chi Son mountain. From September to October, the fields will be ripe with golden colors, from a lush green to a stunning yellow, making the natural landscape all the more picturesque and poetic.

Apart from the stunning terraced fields, tourists can also take their time to explore the majestic Lanh Waterfall and take some amazing photos. This is a waterfall that stands about 150-200 meters tall, located close to the tourist route from O Quy Ho to Y Ty. From the top, the cascading waterfall looks like white silk, truly a sight to behold.


Trekking in Ta Giang Phinh is an excellent opportunity to admire the breathtaking beauty of Ngu Chi Son mountain. This mountain is made up of five peaks reaching majestic heights of up to 2,850 meters, the second highest peak in Sapa after Fansipan mountain. Locals consider these peaks to be the five fingers of Buddha, thus giving this mountain the nickname of Buddha’s Finger Mountain. Covered in clouds all year long, Ngu Chi Son is a great challenge for mountain trekkers and a must-visit destination.

Keep in mind that Ta Giang Phinh is not as convenient as Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Lao Chai, and other nearby scenic spots in Sapa. There are only a few restaurants in the area, so it is advised that you bring your own food and drinks. Alternatively, you could opt to stay in a hotel for better service.

Beautiful scenery of Ta Giang Phinh Sapa covered in thick fog.  Photo: @lpapa09
Beautiful scenery of Ta Giang Phinh Sapa is covered in thick fog. Photo: @lpapa09

This area is quite rugged, so there are plenty of bugs and insects. As such, it is important to pack insect repellent, medical bandages, medicine, and other necessary supplies. Additionally, you may need to bring some mountain-specific tools to make this journey more enjoyable and safe. Above all, make sure to take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and your companions.

Many young people come to explore Ta Giang Phinh commune in Sapa.  Photo: @nguyenduce
Many young people come to explore Ta Giang Phinh commune in Sapa. Photo: @nguyenduce
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