Certificate of Merit Awarded to VVOB for Outstanding Contribution to Education in Vietnam

Throughout its 30-year presence in Vietnam, VVOB (Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance) has not only provided financial support but has also introduced innovative approaches and models that can be applied nationwide. This has resulted in significant improvements in the Vietnamese education system, making a positive impact on the country as a whole.


Nguyen Ngoc Hung, Vice President of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO), stated this during the ceremony where VVOB was awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister in Hanoi on October 19.

The Certificate of Merit was presented to VVOB in recognition of its positive contributions to educational development in Vietnam from 1992 to 2022.

VVOB Receives Certificate of Merit for its Contribution to Vietnam's Education
Teacher Nguyen Thi Hang, from Dao Duc Primary School (Vi Xuyen district, Ha Giang), during a “Learning through Play” class. (Photo: VVOB)

During its operations in Vietnam, VVOB has implemented various initiatives to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. One of VVOB’s notable activities is the application of the “Learning through Play” method in the Vietnamese educational system. The objective of “Learning through Play” is to create an interactive and experiential learning environment in which children acquire knowledge and skills while experiencing joy.

From 2019 to 2023, VVOB carried out the iPlay project, which focuses on integrating “Learning through Play” into primary education in Vietnam. In 2022, VVOB collaborated with the Ministry of Education and Training and Hanoi National University Publishing House to publish a set of materials for educational managers and primary school teachers, providing them with detailed information and instructions on applying the “Learning through Play” method to specific subjects and activities. VVOB also developed other documents, including guidelines for parents and materials addressing “Learning through Play” from a gender perspective, all of which are available for free on its website.

VVOB is currently developing the nationwide online course “Learning through Play for Primary School,” which aims to support the professional development of over 80,000 elementary school teachers. Through local departments of education and training, the course will be introduced to primary school teachers, equipping them with knowledge, skills, and experience to effectively utilize the “Learning through Play” method in their classrooms.

VVOB Receives Certificate of Merit for its Contribution to Vietnam's Education
Nguyen Ngoc Hung, Vice President of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, presenting the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister to VVOB. (Photo: Valerie Mai)

In his remarks, Nguyen Ngoc Hung, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, acknowledged VVOB as a “long-time friend” that has made significant contributions to Vietnam’s development and the friendship between Vietnam and Belgium. The support and cooperation of foreign non-governmental organizations, including those from Belgium, are crucial for Vietnam to sustain and further enhance the achieved results and progress towards its sustainable development goals for 2045. The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO) and the People’s Aid Coordination Committee (PACCOM) will continue to accompany, support, create favorable conditions, and jointly seek resources for VVOB to operate effectively in Vietnam.

Karolina Rutskowska, Head of VVOB project office in Vietnam, emphasized that over the course of 30 years, VVOB has consistently contributed to the development of Vietnam’s education system while respecting Vietnam’s education policy. Moving forward, VVOB will continue to collaborate with the Vietnamese government in building an equitable, comprehensive, and high-quality education system.

Valerie Mai