Cellini Ranked No. 1 for Customer Service in the Premium Furniture Retail Sector in Singapore

To identify Singapore's best customer service retailers and service providers, The Straits Times partnered with a global data firm to conduct an inaugural survey that sampled thousands of customers.


Assessed anonymously by registered participants as well as customers in Singapore, brands that aced quality of communication, professional competency, range of services, customer focus, accessibility, and the likelihood of recommendation were given the highest scores in each retail category – one of which, was Cellini.

Placing great emphasis on customer satisfaction and paying attention to every detail throughout the entire buying experience, Cellini’s unwavering resilience in helping customers build their dream homes in every way possible is spotlighted through this achievement.


Acclimatizing to the Shifting Customer Expectations

Committed to offering quality homegrown designer furniture that transforms spaces through unique sculptural artistic expressions, Cellini has been making waves since its inception in 1986. Being a market leader in modern and contemporary furniture in Singapore, the furniture brand has long understood the impact that good customer service has on buying decisions. With both a strong digital presence and multiple furniture showrooms across the country, the company has made its fresh furniture designs accessible to the masses.

The smallest attention to detail in its customer services such as the presence of a dedicated service for mattress selection at its mattress boutique in its brand-new The Centrepoint outlet has established the brand as a go-to design hub that goes to great lengths to cater to its customer’s needs. Beyond its trained representatives that offer a personalized connection, Cellini also boasts accessibility measures such as helplines, virtual showrooms, and more, indicating its dedication to striving for efficiency at every touch point.

It is these successes garnered in building its customer experience that pushed for Cellini’s position on the “Singapore’s Best Customer Service 2022/23” list. Having surveyed over 4,700 customers, more than 1,600 selected brands underwent a rigorous evaluation process through online access panels and open online surveys prior to the announcement. Among the chosen 93 organizations that came out on top, Cellini is one of the select few given the honors to hold their own in the overall top position against some recognizable names in the premium furniture retail sector.

Bringing the distinct Cellini architectural aesthetic to the homes of its customers through short delivery lead times and excellent customer service, Cellini’s pursuit for better enjoyment of its brand, product range, and experience is one worthy of celebration and recognition.

About Cellini Singapore

Cellini is a home-grown designer furniture brand in Singapore. Investing in state-of-the-art technology, Cellini’s furniture showrooms boast specially curated pieces that are second-to-none in terms of quality craftsmanship. It has also expanded its services to offer timeless furniture pieces across Asia, in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan, in addition to making its mark as a successful e-commerce business.

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