Celebration of “Tet In Three Regions” by Overseas Vietnamese in Australia

On February 18, the Consulate General of Vietnam in Sydney, Australia, hosted a Lunar New Year event titled "Tet In Three Regions," which attracted the participation of numerous Vietnamese expats.


Nguyen Dang Thang, the Vietnamese Consul General in charge of New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland, expressed his gratitude to the overseas Vietnamese associations and patriotic individuals for their continuous support to the representative agencies. He commended the role and contributions of overseas Vietnamese to the country and hoped to receive their ongoing support and companionship.

The “Spring Hometown 2024” program aims to bring together the Vietnamese community in Australia under one roof and promote the values of Vietnamese culture and people. The event was inaugurated by Nguyen Dang Thang, who conveyed the message of “Tet of three regions – Tet gathering under one roof.”

One of the culinary booths with southern flavors at the “Spring Hometown 2024” program. Photo: Van Linh/VNA

Nguyen Dang Thang expressed his hope to continue receiving support and companionship from overseas Vietnamese in 2024. The overseas Vietnamese community in Australia has actively participated in and supported the Consulate General’s activities, especially those related to preserving Vietnamese culture and language.

During the event, Nguyen Dang Thang presented certificates of merit to 16 individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievements in culture, education, music, sports, business, scientific research, and contributions to the Vietnamese community in Australia. Additionally, the Vietnam News Agency interviewed Australian Ambassador to Vietnam Andrew Goledzinowski about the potential for advancing bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

Ambassador Goledzinowski praised Vietnam’s diplomatic achievements in 2023 and highlighted the increased importance of Vietnam in the region and the world. He mentioned the visits by high-ranking Australian officials to Vietnam and Vietnam’s strengthened relationships with countries like Korea, Japan, and the United States. He also acknowledged the significance of China in Vietnam’s economic, cultural, historical, and geographical context.

Furthermore, Ambassador Goledzinowski expressed optimism about elevating Vietnam-Australia diplomatic ties to a comprehensive strategic partnership in 2024. He mentioned collaboration in areas such as mining law review, building trusted cables, and the green energy transition. Australia is working with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to support Vietnam in reviewing its mining law. In addition, Australia aims to assist Vietnam in building trusted cables and promoting green energy transition.

Charlotte Pho

Charlotte Pho