Can’t-miss check-in points on Reunification Day holiday

Places with unique architecture, fresh air, peaceful space, have become destinations that visitors are suggested to tour during the Reunification Day holiday (April 30).


Hanoi (VNA) – Check-in points such as the Golden Bridge in Da Nang, Linh Quy Phap An pagoda I Lam Dong – where singer Son Tung shot his MV “Lac Troi,” Mua Cave and pineapple hill in Ninh Binh, Tam Chuc pagoda in Ha Nam have become hot places for young people over the past time.

The five-day Reunification Day and May Day holiday this year offered a golden chance for young people who love discover and experience new check-in places. 

Golden Bridge

Nested at the height of 1,414m from the sea level, the Golden Bridge is no less than an iconic architectural wonder that envisages the sash-like route across the heaven.

Spanning nearly 150m long in the Paradise Garden, this bridge is regarded as a special transit stop to deliver visitors from the mountain foot or the French Village to La Jardin D’Amour Gardens. The bridge measures 12.8m wide and nearly 150m long and comprises eight arches, the longest of which is 21.2m.

The Time magazine listed it in its list of top 100 World’s Greatest Places for 2018.

Offering grand views of mountains and forests, the bridge has attracted increasing numbers of tourists to Da Nang and Ba Na Hills.

The Golden Bridge has emerged as a new and outstanding ‘wonder ‘ of Vietnam’s tourism sector.

Mua Cave

If you have been ecstatic with the charming scenery of Tam Coc Bich Dong or overwhelmed by the majesty of Trang An, Mua Cave is definitely the destination visitors can not ignore. It is considered as a Great Wall of Vietnam.

Mua Cave is located at the foot of the Mua mountain with a unique shape. The mountain is shaped like a bell hanging down, its overall area of the mountain wide up to more than 800m2. To reach the top, visitors will cross a small bridge over the stream gently flowing, then a paved way covered with green trees. The way to conquer the summit of the mountain is the zigzag line, which includes 486 steps simulated by the architecture of the famous Great Wall of China. Therefore, it is known as Miniature Great Wall in Vietnam.

On either side of the way, there are many decorated lines with the images of dragon and phoenix in the art of the Tran dynasty. Thus, when walking on this road, you will feel that it is the way to paradise. It is really an interesting experience.

Standing on the top of Mua Mountain, visitors will admire the most magnificent scenery. In May and June, the entire landscape of paddy fields is minimized in your view.

Tam Diep pineapple hill

Not only Mua Cave, Trang An or Tam Coc Bich Dong, Ninh Binh land also has a new location for the selfie, attracting many young people to take pictures as the pineapple hill in Tam Diep city.

Dong Giao farm is also known as pineapple farm – a quite famous land of Tam Diep and Ninh Binh. It appeared with a picture like a romantic feng shui picture, green pineapple trees covered the basalt red soil roads. If you want to find a “green” place between the majestic mountains or a peaceful paradise for a beautiful “pictures” the pineapple farm is the perfect choice for you.

From mid-April to mid-July is the best time for visitors on amazing Ninh Binh tour to come here because this time is in the pineapple harvest time.

Tam Chuc pagoda

Located in the Tam Chuc Buddhist Cultural Complex, Tam Chuc Pagoda has a special location that connects the Huong Pagoda tourism site in Hanoi with the Van Long nature reserve – Bai Dinh Pagoda – Trang An – Tam Coc tourism site in Ninh Binh to form a complex of salt-marsh ecotourism sites.

The Tam Chuc complex covers 44ha including main facilities of Dien Tam The (Main Hall of Three Worlds), Ngoc pagoda, Tam Chuc temple, Mau temple, and others which have been completed to serve visitors.

The pagoda wall was rebuilt with 12,000 stone paintings depicting the legends of Buddha craved into the volcano rock by Indonesian artisans and a garden of 1,000 stone pillars carved with Buddhist teachings.

Linh Quy Phap An pagoda

Located on top of Dai Binh Mountain, some 25km north of Bao Loc City in Lam Dong Province, Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda appears to be out of this world. At dawn, the pagoda emerges from a sea of clouds under the day’s first light. And, after a 1000-metre climb, the view from top of the mountain is nothing short of spectacular.

The pagoda’s architectural style is a mix of old Vietnamese and Japanese, with Japanese-style wooden gates erected to guard the holy site. It also features a Japanese-style rock garden where monks gather at various times during the day to contemplate and discuss the teaching of Buddha.

Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda consists of three major structures: a contemplation hall, a library and a sanctuary. Visitors to the temple are welcomed to join the monks in their contemplation sessions and even to a meal. It is advisable to clean up after yourself and respect the monks’ privacy.

The pagoda became a popular destination among youngsters after music video ‘Lac Troi’ by Vietnamese pop music Son Tung was shot here, featuring breathtaking views from the mountaintop and a Shangri-La-like atmosphere./.