Camping overnight at the largest reservoir-Dau Tieng Lake

Dau Tieng Lake is a favorite destination for tourists this summer due to it pristine beauty: a perfect place for a barbeque with friends and family.


Dau Tieng Lake – the largest reservoir in Southeast Asia

Situated on the way to Tay Ninh, Cao Dai Great Temple, and Ba Den Mountain, Dau Tieng Lake has magnificent mountainous landscapes, mysterious islets and fresh air.

The lake is the largest irrigation reservoir in Vietnam, supplying water for crops in Tay Ninh as well neighbouring provinces. Dau Tieng Lake, far away from residential areas, has crystal-clear clean water, and on sunny days the water reflects the color of the sky.

Stretching along the lake is the Cau Mountain and a valley next to a primeval forest close to its bank, and scattered here and there in the lake are small islets. The lake’s bank with its green grass is an ideal place for camping, great for fishing or watching the locals catch fish in the lake.

Wonderful overnight experience camping

Photo: Kim Ngan
Photo: Kim Ngan

Overnight camping gives a chance to see the magnificent changing of scenery from dawn to dusk, and then into the peaceful night.

Da Egg beach is located near Dau Tieng Lake, Binh Duong Province, about 90km from Ho Chi Minh City. This place still retains its pristine beauty, with green grasses and rocks, and a large artificial lake that creates a beautiful scene.

Da Egg Beach is a perfect weekend destination for those who wants to temporarily get away from the crowded, bustling city.


Dau Tieng Lake Binh Duong is a favorite weekend picnic spot – Photo source: FB Nguyen Hoang Nhi
Dau Tieng Lake Binh Duong is a favorite weekend picnic spot – Photo source: FB Nguyen Hoang Nhi

The perfect timing for a camping trip is from December to April. You should arrive in the late afternoon as during the day the the weather is often too dry and hot. Avoid rainy months, since the wet ground and humidity could ruin your trip.


The campsite viewed from above at Dau Tieng Lake – Photo source: FB An Le
The campsite viewed from above at Dau Tieng Lake – Photo source: FB An Le

To go from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Egg beach, there is plenty of routes for tourists to choose from. Started rom the centre city, moving along Highway 22 to provincial road 15, passing An Dien – An Lap to enter Binh Duong, the route takes nearly 3 hours driving.

Tourists can go by car or motorcycle, but motorcycles is the best option for narrow and hard-to-drive roads. Besides, the road to Da Egg beach are deserted, with forest on both sides with very few houses, tourists need to check carefully for gas and other car parts before starting their journey.

To avoid getting lost and saving some time, save the coordinates of Da Egg beach into Google Maps, and follow the instruction to the correct location.


Fishing, catching chem slash … are activities you can experience here – Photo source: FB Quynh Nhu
Many people gather fresh baby clams here. Photo: FB Quynh Nhu

Overnight camping allows you to see scenery changing from dawn to dusk, and then into the peaceful night. The area is spacious, and tourists can choose a comfortable spot to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Dau Tieng Lake is an ideal place for fun activities. As the largest artificial lake in Vietnam, there’s plenty of peaceful scenery for taking pictures. It is a little hot in the morning, and you can enjoy boarding on the lake,as well as swimming and fishing.

In the evening, the temperature falls due to the fog, which makes ideals for campfires and having barbeques friends and family. You can also visit places such as Ba Den Mountain and Ma Thien Lanh National Park.

Eating and resting

 Photo source: FB Minh Ngoc
Photo source: FB Minh Ngoc

Since this place is still pristine, there is very few restaurants, hotels and shops around. Tourists need to bring their own food and drinks.

If you are a nature lover and love having real experience, then camping is a great option for those on a limited budget. However, in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic many activities will have to wait.

Photo source: FB Tien Ti Ton
Photo: FB Tien Ti Ton

To have the most complete trip to Dau Tieng Binh Duong Lake, preparation is important. Because the are is unspoiled without necessities and supplies, make sure you make a list of things to bring to prepare such as a tent, insulation sheet or steam cushion, in case the temperature drops at night.

Prepare food and drink. For a barbeque you should pre-marinate to save time. Or you can also look to nearby markets to buy food, which is more convenient when traveling in a long distance. Bring cups, chopsticks and some cooking utensils, as well as spare gear and some warm clothes.

It is advised prepare a little extra medicine like stomach pain medicine, headache pills and mosquito repellent if needed. A flashlight and power bank will be useful too.

To preserve the pristine scenery here, after finishing the camping trip, you should clean up your trash to return the natural beauty of Dau Tieng Lake for everyone to have fun on future trips.

Find quiet moments with no electric lights and no Wifi – Photo source: FB Nhat Truong
Find quiet moments with no electric lights and no Wifi – Photo: FB Nhat Truong

As campsite is close to a residential area, you should not be too noisy by singing karaoke too loud, affecting everyone, especially at night.

There is also a tent rental service, you can also contact in advance to make when you have too many items. There are two tent rental services you can use:

Rent a tent and food and drink from Mr. Tam, the cafe location is right near the camping area.

Tent rental service + guide of Admin Ho Quoc Nghia group Camping Dau Tieng lake, suitable for groups of friends who do not have much camping experience.