Brilliant Golden Royal Poinciana at Bat Nha Monastery

In the spring, the yellow royal poinciana (or Mohur tree) contribute to the peaceful beauty of Bat Nha Monastery.


Bat Nha Monastery is located in Damb’ri commune, about 17km from the center of Bao Loc city. Besides the charming scenery, this place also possesses unique architecture and is one of the impressive spiritual tourist destinations in Lam Dong.

Brilliant Golden Royal Poinciana at Bat Nha Monastery

This monastery was established in 1995. In 2005, it was expanded and more facilities were built. This place is getting more and more spacious to meet the demand of the courses as well as volunteer work.

Bat Nha Monastery is located on a high hill, with the most beautiful terrain in the Di Linh plateau. From here, visitors can admire the beautiful, peaceful, and romantic scenery of the tea hills.

In particular, right in front of the gate of Bat Nha Monastery, there are large yellow royal poinciana or Mohur trees planted in two rows along the path. This is a rather rare plant in Vietnam, with the scientific name Schizolobium excelcium. It belongs to the legume family, which is different from the common royal poinciana. Therefore, it does not bloom in the summer, but blooms in the spring.

Brilliant Golden Royal Poinciana at Bat Nha Monastery

In the early days of spring, these flowers are in full bloom. Flowers are not only on the tree but when blown by the wind, fall on the path leading to the monastery, making the scene even more poetic.

According to Pham Dinh Long, who traveled to Bat Nha Monastery during the Lunar New Year, this year flowers bloomed during and a few days after Tet. Currently, the flowers have fallen a lot and no longer bloom. If visitors want to see the flowers in full bloom, they can plan for next year.

In addition to the blooming season, Bat Nha Monastery is still an attractive destination because the space here is always cool and pleasant. Although it is not massive or magnificent, it is the harmony between the classical architecture combined with charming landscapes, pine forests, and tea hills that has created a distinct beauty of this sacred place.

Brilliant Golden Royal Poinciana at Bat Nha Monastery

On the way to the monastery, visitors can also go to tea hills, flower gardens, or Damb’ri waterfall to discover the beauty of Bao Loc.

Brilliant Golden Royal Poinciana at Bat Nha Monastery
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