Bodh Gaya Marathon: The Perfect Fusion of Spirituality and Physical Endurance

The International Buddhist Confederation and the Bodh Gaya Marathon Committee have joined forces to organize a marathon in Bodh Gaya, Bihar. This historic collaboration aims to promote physical fitness and spiritual awareness through the event held on Sunday.


The Bodh Gaya Marathon brought together a unique group of participants including soldiers and monks, creating a remarkable blend of spirituality and physical endurance.

The distinguished flag-off ceremony was presided over by His Holiness Tai Situpa Rinpoche, Lt Gen. P.S. Minhas, AVSM, Comdt. OTA, Bodhgaya and DG IBC Shri Abhijit Halder. Their presence added a spiritual and military aura to the event, as stated in an official release by the International Buddhist Confederation.

The marathon saw a diverse assembly of approximately 800 participants including professional runners, monks, army personnel, lay individuals, and government officials. The event started at Magadha University, gathering individuals from various backgrounds, according to the press release.

This enlightening run for peace and unity transcended borders, drawing international participants from countries such as Korea, Hong Kong, London, Bhutan, Kenya, and more.

The marathon offered categories spanning 42.195 kilometers, 21.097 kilometers, 10 kilometers (time-bound), and a 5-kilometer Dhamma run. The event aimed to foster a collective spirit of harmony and was endorsed by the Athletic Federation of India. Additionally, the marathon proudly holds certification from AIMS–the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races, according to the press release.

The marathon presented a unique aspect of soldiers walking alongside monks, demonstrating the principles of Karma and Dhamma inspired by Lord Buddha. This harmonious fusion of military discipline and spiritual enlightenment added an extra layer of significance to the event, symbolizing unity, peace, and shared humanity.

Amidst the strides of runners and soldiers, a profound message of global harmony and peace resonated throughout the Bodh Gaya Marathon.

‘The monks, draped in robes, not only participated but also symbolized the teachings of Lord Buddha, emphasizing the coordination of mind and body–a poignant reminder of the pursuit of unity and spiritual balance in the journey towards lasting peace. (ANI)

Tarah Nguyen