Beautiful Old Lighthouses in Vietnam

The old, majestic lighthouses in Vietnam have recently become a tourist destination for those who love to explore.


Vietnam has quite a few lighthouses that were built centuries ago. They are likened to “the eyes of the sea god.” These lighthouses not only help ships navigate far offshore, but are also beautiful check-in points that are loved by many tourists.

Long Chau Lighthouse – Hai Phong

Long Chau Lighthouse is located on Long Chau Island, Cat Hai District, Hai Phong. It was built in 1894 by the French. This lighthouse is designed as a fortress, nearly 30m high and illuminating up to 27 nautical miles (equivalent to 50km).

This lighthouse is more than 120 years old, with raw, ancient beauty, standing proudly despite all harsh natural conditions. People in this area often call this structure “Long Chau pearl eye” because even though many decades have passed, the lighthouse still stands on the sea. It still holds the role of illuminating the way for thousands of ships and boats entering and leaving the Gulf of Tonkin.

Long Chau Lighthouse appears as a giant pen tower standing out on the cliff. Looking down from above, visitors can see an overwhelmingly majestic scenery, outstanding limestone mountains among the clear blue water, indeed, Vietnam’s nature is extremely magnificent.

Beautiful Old Lighthouses in Vietnam
Photo: lamchame

For those who are passionate about exploring, the beauty of Long Chau Island is something that should not be missed. This is an island that has not been exploited too much by the tourism industry, so it is still very unspoiled. There are only soldiers guarding this place, if tourists want to visit Long Chau island, they need to contact the front desk to register a few days in advance.

Ke Ga Lighthouse – Binh Thuan

Ke Ga Lighthouse is located at Ke Ga cape – Binh Thuan, about 30km from Phan Thiet city. This place often attracts many tourists. Ke Ga Lighthouse was designed by a French architect, built from 1897 – 1899, and put into operation in 1990. Up to now, this lighthouse has shined continuously for 122 years. With a height of 65m and nearly 200 steps, the Ke Ga lighthouse is confirmed by the Vietnam Record Book Center as the tallest lighthouse in the country.

Besides the task of guiding ships, Ke Ga lighthouse is also a favorite virtual living destination for young people. This lighthouse is straight and tall, standing proudly in the middle of the deep blue sky, blending with the yellow color of the amazing rocks through the hewn of time, a magnificent and wild scene that makes many people feel. fascinated.

Beautiful Old Lighthouses in Vietnam
Photo: kinhtemoitruong

Dai Lanh Lighthouse – Phu Yen

Dai Lanh Lighthouse, also known as Mui Dien lighthouse, was once considered the place to welcome the first sunrise of the country. This lighthouse was built in Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen. It was built by the French in 1890, with a history of nearly 130 years, this place is also considered one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam. In addition, this lighthouse can send signals to the sea up to 27 nautical miles away (equivalent to 50km).

In addition to the important task of guiding the way for ships to pass, Dai Lanh lighthouse is one of the places that attract many tourists thanks to its majestic beauty, and unique ancient architectural style that still exists.

If visitors have ever seen the moment the sun rises here, surely it is hard for anyone to forget the picturesque natural scenery. With the immense space between the sky and the sea, Dai Lanh lighthouse makes visitors feel the beautiful sacredness of this S-shaped strip of land.

Beautiful Old Lighthouses in Vietnam
Photo: baodanang

Vung Tau Lighthouse – Ba Ria – Vung Tau

This lighthouse is located on the top of Nho mountain, about 15km from the center of Vung Tau city. It is 18m high with 55 fancy spiral steps, and the light at the top of the tower can shine up to 30 nautical miles (equivalent to 55km). Vung Tau Lighthouse was built by the French in 1862. This 150-year-old lighthouse is the symbol of the coastal city of Vung Tau.

With a rather unique architectural style, this lighthouse is a tall white tower. The area around the lighthouse has a courtyard and a wide corridor. Here, visitors can see the whole city hiding under the green leaves.

Beautiful Old Lighthouses in Vietnam
Photo: truyenhinhdulich
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