Bac Ha Plateau Transformed into a Picture of Spring with White Flowers

After the cold winter, the warm scent of spring rushes to all the villages in the highlands of the Bac Ha white plateau.


Thanks to the warm weather, all the peach trees in the mountains and forests of the Bac Ha tourist area have bloomed with brilliant pink and yellow flowers. These flower branches shimmering in the spring sunshine create a beautiful scene that has attracted countless tourists.

For a long time, the Bac Ha white plateau of Lao Cai province has been famous domestically and internationally for its natural beauty in spring. Bac Ha has become a popular tourist destination, especially for tourists from Western Europe and France. Domestically, the people of Yen Bai and the Hanoians have similar interests, outlooks, and spirits to that of the French.

Bac Ha White Plateau Covered with Spring Flowers
Many tourists come to Bac Ha to visit Bac Ha district’s fruit and vegetable farm. Photo:

When visitors come to Bac Ha white plateau in the last days of January, they will see many romantic and poetic scenes. It has a clear sky and forest cherry blossom trees.

When the sun shines after frosty days, in the villages, canola flowers begin to turn yellow and bloom. Bac Ha has entered the most beautiful season of the year – spring – the season of flowers in full bloom.

Bac Ha White Plateau Covered with Spring Flowers
Tourists from Van Yen district, Yen Bai province, and Hanoi. Photo:

Bac Ha fruit and vegetable farm is the most attractive destination in the white plateau these days. They have opened their doors for free to serve tourists. The plum trees have budded, about to enter the blooming period; the VH6 pear hill area with shaggy, mossy perennial trees, creating a beautiful canopy has begun to bud.

Thanks to the beautiful terrain and the brilliant scenery of spring flowers, the fruit and vegetable farm have been attracting a large number of tourists, especially tourists from Hanoi, Phu Tho, Yen Bai, and Lao Cai city.

Bac Ha White Plateau Covered with Spring Flowers
Visitors will see cherry blossoms blooming in pink hills, showing off the beauty of Na Co lake park. Photo:

Thousands of visitors came to Bac Ha on Saturday and Sunday, January 28 and 29, 2023, the 7th and 8th of the Lunar New Year. Among them, there are over a thousand visitors who came to Bac Ha district’s fruit and vegetable farm to see flowers and sightsee.

The women of the Center for Continuing Education – Vocational Education came to Bac Ha on the 7th and 8th of the Lunar New Year. Their tour consisted of 30 people, mainly couples and a few small children.

“After 2 days in Bac Ha, they went to the night market, Bac Ha market, visited the ancient palace of Hoang A Tuong, the rose farm km7, the flower valley of Cai Giang Pho, and the peach garden of Ho Na Co. They were deeply impressed when they saw flowers at the fruit and vegetable farm in the Bac Ha district. The visitors took many wonderful commemorative photos. I will arrange to see the flowers and introduce more friends to know about Bac Ha,” said Le Thi Huong Diep, a tourist from Van Yen district, Yen Bai province.

Bac Ha White Plateau Covered with Spring Flowers

The tour group of Nguyen Thi Yen has 30 people who are young couples.

“Bac Ha has become close and familiar to many young people and Hanoi backpackers in the last 5 years,” said the happy tourist.

“Bac Ha is most beautiful in spring with Tam Hoa plum blossoms, wild peach flowers, and yellow mustard flowers. After 4 years of not being able to go out due to the impact of the covid-19 epidemic; this spring, my family and friends came here for spring vacation on the first Saturday and Sunday after Tet. Our team spends time admiring the scenery and taking souvenir photos. Hopefully in the near future when the Tam Hoa plum or Ta Van plum blooms, we will be able to return here.”

More specifically, the flower seasons in the Bac Ha white plateau keep blooming one after another. Today, visitors can feel it when they come here over the next two months. January is cherry blossom season and February is the plum season. This makes Bac Ha an attractive destination in the spring.

Da Quang