The reopening of the market aims to diversify tourism products for visitors to the Bac Ha plateau.

The night market features areas introducing the traditional cuisine of Tay, Nung, H’mong, Dao and Phu La ethnic groups, and typical souvenir products of the locality, including brocade, cloths, and jewellery.

Visitors to the market can also enjoy traditional performances, such as ‘Xoe’ folk dances and panpipe dances.

On the occasion, a rose festival and a show introducing traditional costumes of the ethnic groups in Bac Ha district are also taking place at Hoang A Tuong mansion.

Visitors to the festival are invited to write down their wishes and greetings to their beloved on small pieces of paper, and hang them on rose trees.

Bac Ha night market has been held every Saturday since 2015, preserving and promoting the cultural identities of ethnic groups in the Bac Ha district and boosting tourism development throughout the locality.