Aid Offered to Polish People in Need

The Vietnam-Poland Friendship Association has generously donated over 100 million Vietnamese Dong to aid two Polish tourists who were involved in an accident while visiting Vietnam.


After more than a week of hospitalization at the Nghe An General Friendship Hospital, Patryk and Renata—both Polish citizens—were transferred to Hanoi for further treatment. The couple had previously suffered a traffic accident in the western part of Nghe An.

With its humanity and friendship motto in mind, the Vietnam – Poland Friendship Association has issued a plea to its members to support those in need. Many groups and individuals have responded generously, and as of May 9, a total of nearly VND 103,000,000 and EUR 70 have been collected to aid two Polish citizens.

Assistance Provided to Polish Citizens in Distress
Members of the Vietnam – Poland Friendship Association visited two Polish citizens (Photo: Vietnam – Poland Friendship Association).

The total amount was presented to Patryk and Renata by Nguyen The Thao, President of the Vietnam-Poland Friendship Association. Accompanying Thao, representatives from the Association of Gdansk Polytechnic University Alumni also attended and gave presents to the two Poles in need.

Feeling touched by the affection and kindness of Vietnamese friends, Patryk and Renata extend their heartfelt gratitude to the Vietnamese people who have provided them with help during their time of need.

According to Renata, they had been in Vietnam for more than three weeks when they purchased a motorbike and plotted an excursion through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Unluckily, however, a traffic accident in Nghe An resulted in Renata breaking her leg and Patryk fracturing his right foot, as well as sustaining other injuries.

When visiting Nghe An General Friendship Hospital, patients are often overwhelmed by the attentive care and quality treatment they receive from doctors and nurses.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huy Bang – the Principal of Vinh University – and some other officials and lecturers who had once studied and conducted research in Poland, visited two Polish friends of theirs in the hospital. Hoang Xuan Thuong, a former student of the Wrocław Polytechnic, offered language assistance to the group and connected them to their family members in Poznan, Poland.

The Polish Embassy in Vietnam has completed the necessary procedures to facilitate the repatriation of two of its citizens for further medical treatment.

Tracy Dao